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The living room is one of the latest rooms to appear in the household. Rooms like the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom have always been around in some way, shape, or form, even if they were combined as one room. But the living room was a much later invention.   

Early prototypes of the living room included the parlour, drawing room, or lounge, and were traditionally used by women who would leave men to themselves after dinner. It first became popular amongst the upper classes in the 14th century, and was usually a room that carried on from the great hall. Particularly handy for members of the household and guests to have a private discussion, the parlour would traditionally contain a table, cupboard or sideboard, and some chairs.
Country Oak Living Room Furniture Range Image
Arianne Oak Dining and Living Room Furniture
Effortlessly stylish, the Arianne line will transform your living or dining room into an area of modern bliss. Sleek and cool, the range features beautiful mitred joints, bevelled edges, and brushed metal handles.
Atlantis Solid Oak Dining and Living Room Furniture
Stunningly crafted, the Atlantis dining and living room range is the epitome of modern beauty. With curved brushed metal handles, panelled sides, and clean cut grooves, it's unbeatably cool and sharp.
Brooklyn Solid Oak Living and Dining Room Furniture
The Brooklyn line of living and dining room furniture is a wonderful example of contemporary style at its finest. Made from solid oak and finished in a rich oil, it'll add a warm, cosy glow to your home.
Cotswold Solid Oak Dining and Living Room Range
Effortlessly elegant, the Cotswold collection gives you the dining room you've always wanted. Simple yet sophisticated features like cast metal drawer handles and curved valances give the range added charm.
Country Solid Oak Furniture Dining Room Range
Traditional and bursting with rustic appeal, the Country line enables you to furnish your dining room in visual splendour. With beauty and practicality in abundance, it'll make mealtimes even more enjoyable.
Dining Sets
Here you will find our extensive range of dining sets in a vast assortment of styles, shapes, and sizes. Whether you’re having dinner for two or entertaining an entire party – we’ll have something to suit you.
Jaipur Dining Room Furniture
Inspired by traditional Indian design, the Jaipur collection will add rustic warmth with a cultural twist to your dining room. An exciting and fresh style, it'll transform your home dining experience.
London Solid Oak Living and Dining Room Range
Highly contemporary features dominate the London collection. With cubic shapes and clean cut lines, the range will transform your living room into modern space for you, your family, and friends to enjoy.
Manhattan Solid Oak Dining Range
Make a statement in your dining room with the fabulously stylish Manhattan collection. Featuring unique, clean cut, wooden handles, the range is sharp, cool, and an example of modern craftsmanship at the highest level.
Opus Solid Oak Dining And Living Room Furniture
For a sleek, modern, and cool look in your dining room, then our Opus line is the perfect choice. With tenon finger joints, brushed chrome handles, and an oil finish, the collection will revamp your mealtimes in style.
Oslo Solid Oak Dining and Living Furniture Collection
Cool and contemporary, the Oslo collection will enable you to furnish your dining room in a stylish and sophisticated manner. Cream, Italian leather, roll-back seats are featured for added class and luxurious comfort.
Quintoch Rustic Oak Dining Room Range
Warm-up your living room with the rustic beauty of our Quintoch collection. Featuring everything you will ever need to furnish your living area gloriously, each piece has a cosy and homely quality to it.
Taj Solid Mango Dining Room Furniture
If you want your dining room to match the exciting cuisine that you cook at home, then the Taj collection of Indian, solid mango furniture is a perfect choice. Beautifully crafted, it'll warm-up mealtimes nicely.
Toulouse Solid Oak Dining and Living
What better way to furnish your living room with the homely, cosy feel of traditional, French-style furniture from the Toulouse collection. With a warm glow and classic features, it'll look at home instantly.
Cottage Solid Oak Living Range
A stunning blend of traditional beauty and contemporary style, the Cottage collection is a fabulous way to make the most out of your living room. Its warm oil finish enhances the solid oak with a cosy, homely glow.
Cube Solid Oak Living Room Range
With its unique cubic design and clean cut lines, the Cube collection will add sharp style to your living room. Make an eye-grabbing statement in your home with this irresistibly cool, modern range.
Saki Rustic Solid Oak Dining and Living Room Range
The Saki range is constructed from entirely solid oak, with a light wax furniture polish. With beautiful curves and hand chamfered edges the entire range is designed by experienced craftsmen, with dovetail joints and sol..
Harrington Solid Oak Dining and Living Room Range
The Harrington Dining and Living Room Range offers a great modern twist on a traditional style of furniture. The range combines classic curves and ornate French design with the natural elegance of solid oak. The experien..
Cantetrbury Painted Dining and Living Room Range
For classic farm house beauty in the dining and living room, the Canterbury line is a stunning choice. Featuring flared cornices, arched bases, solid oak, and contrast wooden handles, the collection oozes elegant simplic..
Raddon Solid Oak Living and Dining Room Range
Rustic charm and rough sawn marks make the Raddon collection a must-have for the rural or rustic dining and living room. Designed with chunky square feet, panelled sides, and tidy, metal pull handles, the range is irresi..
Lille Painted Solid Oak Dining and Living Room Range
The Lille line of living and dining room furniture is a wonderful example of rustic style at its finest. Made from solid oak and finished with a two tone painted natural look, it'll add a warm, cosy glow to your home.
The Ascot Brushed Solid Oak range features a silvery grey patina to the rustic finish. Created by brushing along the grain just before it’s waxed, this distinctive look coupled with stylish handles bridges the traditiona..
Featuring hand chamfered edges, softly rounded corners and skilfully sculpted handles each piece from the Hanoi Rustic Solid Oak range showcases an exclusive design which works in harmony with the natural beauty of the o..
The Georgian Range showcases a timeless, classic design inspired by nineteenth century French furniture. Each piece is handcrafted from premium grade solid mango wood and treated with a specially formulated wax polish to..
Lowri (Brushed Oak & Painted)
TThe Lowri Brushed Oak and Cream Painted range combines the elegance of brushed solid oak tops with a subtle cream finish to create a luxurious ambience in your home.
Cardiff has the hallmarks of classic styling – detailed moulding on the cabinet edges and drawer fronts, and on cornices above the sturdy bracket feet, and at the tops of the furniture.
Our gorgeous Latice range evokes the feel of a well-loved, homely interior, there to give a warm backdrop to everyday life. Latice has a tactile, weathered look and feel. It features our unique ‘french-washed’ finish, wh..
By the 17th century, the parlour had become the drawing room, and was literally where ladies would withdraw after dinner, leaving their husbands and men of the party to enjoy a few brandies and smoke cigars. The furniture for the drawing room had undergone some luxurious changes, for example chairs had become more cushioned and comfortable, whilst additional items used to show-off personal belongings like the bookcase or a display cabinet also became prominent fixtures.   

At the start of the final decade of that century, in 1691, Charles Augusting d’Aviler wrote one of the most important books on architecture that was ever written, ‘Lessons of Architecture.’ In it he highlighted that a new room was needed for a good home, a room which was less formal and not so grand. He described this room as one that was most lived in and most used in every day life, or ‘le plus habite.’ This is where the phrase of the living room was introduced. This transformed residential architecture. Although very few could afford the expense of having a personally, designed house by an experienced architect, the demand for a room that was not to display their wealth or status in life was rapidly increasing. Little did d’Avalier know that his work would inspire architects to start designing and quite literally, inventing rooms that suited every daily function, for example the bedroom, bathroom, and dressing room. Each of these rooms were original versions of the living room we know today because of their understated appearance and use for general, day-to-day living.   

Over the next century, the drawing room was now called the sitting room where residents of the household would receive guests and enjoy tea. It was also known as the morning room. By this point at the end of the 18th century, new items of furniture like ike nests of tables were being introduced for use in the sitting room.   

By the 19th century, the term living room was now used in place of parlour, drawing, or sitting room. Across the middle classes, the word lounge was being used as well. During this time, a plethora of new items began to be seen in our living rooms including comfortable chairs, bookcases, side tables, and later on, the coffee table.   

The 20th century living room saw the dawn of new items and changes itself. Due to recent inventions like the television, a demand for television units began to increase from consumers. Back then, people preferred to hide their television away when they weren’t watching; this has changed a lot today with the invention of large, widescreen televisions that we proudly show-off in our home. Television units then led to video shelves and DVD racks much later in the 20th century.   

Today, the living room performs a variety of uses. Primarily used for relaxing in during our free time, the living room is most commonly used for watching television. Even eating in the living room has increased in popularity due to fewer families eating together every night and lap trays being readily available. Across the pond, American and Canadian homes that are considerably larger than your average house tend to use the living room as a place to receive guests and entertain them; basically as a reception. Any television watching and entertainment purposes that informal have a separate room known as a ‘den.’   

Different types of furniture that found their ways into the living room over the past six hundred years are still staples of living area today, for example the sideboard, nest of tables, chairs, and various others.     

Why should I choose living room furniture made from wood?   

Wood has been used to construct household furniture since The Middle Ages. A natural material, wood has a unique beauty that differs with every species and every tree. Various colours, textures, and grain formations can be found across the spectrum. We use mahogany, oak, and mango in our products because of their exceptional durability, strength, and of course, beauty.   

As far as the living room is concerned, wood is the ideal choice. With its warm hues, and cosy, glow, wood is the perfect way to create a homely ambience in your living room. It also has heaps of character which can really bring life to the living area without dominating it.   

But why do we not use artificial materials? The phrase best used to describe to artificial furniture is ‘cheap and cheerful.’ Materials like chipboard, MDF, veneers, and others are cheap to use because they are low in quality. To save even more money, manufacturers may use them to make flat pack furniture, which is another way to cut corners and costs. The problem with artificial materials and flat pack furniture is that you get what you’re paying for – a cheap item constructed with poor craftsmanship at a low price. If you have ever wondered why a flat pack desk made from chipboard was so cheap then the answer is simple – if a product is made to low quality standards, it can be sold at a low price.   

So, what are the benefits of going for the cheaper option?

There are none. Artificial materials and poor craftsmanship mean that a product has not been built to last and will need replacing within a matter of months. Not to mention how unattractive the items begin to look; their appearance looks worn and dated very quickly. In the long run, you are actually paying more by buying a cheap product in the first place because in the end you will have to spend more money to replace it.   

This is why solid wood furniture is the best option. A timeless material that matures rather than ages, and whose durability enables it to last for generations, there is no better choice than solid wood. There is a reason why humans across the globe from each century have used wood in their furniture. It looks fabulous and is bursting with character. It never looks out of fashion because of its classic beauty.   

At Right Price Furniture, we are not trying to con you into buying an item that has been construction with a blend of chipboard and wood. When we say that every item is made entirely from solid wood alone – we mean it. Not a trace of chipboard, MDF, or veneers can be found in our products. Our highly skilled craftsmen use only premium quality wood and unmatched expertise to build these items.   

Another benefit of having wooden furniture is not only their sturdiness, but their ability to be maintained. With plastic and chipboard, you can not maintain it in anyway. However with wood you can wash it and also reapply any wax or oil coats. Please read the sections in this article dedicated to prolonging the life of your furniture for more information. Put briefly, even though you are investing in an item that will last a long time anyway, you can increase its durability by years and years through the correct care and upkeep.     

Our ranges of living room furniture.   

Here at Right Price Furniture, we have provided an extensive collection of living room furniture. Everything from coffee tables to television units, bookcases to sideboards, even sofas and footstools, are available for purchase. We understand that everybody has a their own personal tastes and different room requirements, that’s why we have ensured a vast variety of different styles and items in different sizes are available. We have sofas, footstools, corner groups, and armchairs featured in leather, modern, and traditional styles, as well as some with removable covers. All now seating items like sideboards and coffee tables are all made from solid mahogany, oak, or mango alone. Here are some details on what we have available.  

Firstly, our range of leather sofas is unmatched when it comes to quality and comfort. All upholstered in the finest Italian leather in a various colours, you can indulge yourself in a little luxury with each range. The Ava, Lana, and Sophia ranges all feature dark, brown leather, which is perfect for adding cosy, warmth to your living area. The Samuel line is upholstered in reddish leather which is ideal if you want to add a little colour to the room but keep the cool look of leather. Of course, not everyone is a fan of darker colours, and to cater for you we have the Bianca collection – a stunning range of seating all in pristine, white, Italian leather.  

For those with children, you may not want to invest in something like leather because of the wear and tear that comes with the little ones. Spills and scrapes can be a nightmare if you want your brand new sofa to look pristine. To solve this, we have a few ranges that feature seating with removable covers so that you can wash them easily if spillage does occur. All in assortment of colours, you can choose from the Camille, Caroline, or Richmond range.   

If you want a more traditional look in your living room then the Olivia, Elizabeth, Joshua, and Victoria ranges may be more suitable. All designed with classic features like solid wood feet, ornate patterns, and traditional styles, each range is effortlessly elegant and oozing luxury.   

To suit the rest of us who want a contemporary suite in our living room then we have a extensive assortment of ranges each with different colours, styles, and fabrics so that you can tailor fit your living room to suit you flawlessly. You can choose from the Cadiz, Derby, Florence, Isabella, Juliet, Peyton, Phoenix, Rebecca, or the Vivien collections; all feature premium quality items in some irresistibly fresh and modern designs.   

Living room seating isn’t all we provide of course. Our other ranges of storage items and other pieces are all stunningly designed and can easily be matched with one of suites.   

For those who want the freshness and modern beauty of a contemporary living room then its best to go with one of our modern ranges. Featuring an array of styles from sharp, clean cut lines, to smooth, bevelled edges, and cubic shapes to sleek curves, you are spoilt for choice here. We have even got various handles available, for example brushed metal, chrome, and wood. Our furniture ranges are the Arianne, Atlantis, Brooklyn, Cambridge, Cotswold, Cottage, and the Cube line, as well as the Glencoe, London, Opus, Oslo, and Tuscan lines. Check out each range individually, a product type, or simply select the contemporary furniture category to view the choice!   

If you really think that a traditional style of furniture is more suited to your living room then you can choose from our Country, Quintoch, or Toulouse ranges. Each featuring beautiful furniture with stunning details like arched bases, flared cornices, ornate metal handles, and either an oil or wax finish, every range is bursting with rustic warmth. The best thing about traditional furniture is that they give a lovely, warm, cosy, and homely glow to a room. For a French twist to the rusticity then our Toulouse has it in abundance. All of these are made from solid oak alone.   

Regarding those who want to take the rustic look that extra step further, then our collection of Indian furniture is a great choice to consider. Both the Jaipur and Taj ranges are inspired by traditional Indian design and are stunning style statements in any home. Both are made entirely from solid mango wood.   

On the other hand if you prefer darker wood for your furniture, then one of our mahogany or mango ranges is ideal. Featuring similar features to our traditional range, our darker wood ranges include the Marseille, York, and Wexford lines.   

Every item you will ever need to furnish out your living room in visual splendour and practicality is made available at Right Price Furniture. Sideboards, lamp tables, coffee tables, nests of table, bookcases, display cabinets, television units, CD& DVD storage, corner units, mirrors, sofas, armchairs, footstools, and corner groups can all be found here on our website. Simply browse through product types, room types, or style types to meet your specific requirements and needs.        

What varieties of wood do you use in your living room furniture? What are their benefits?   

Solid mango living room furniture.   

A tree primarily located in southern Asia – namely India – the mango tree has often been recognised for its similarity to oak during the midst of the 18th century by Europeans. Highly durable and with gorgeous colouring, the mango wood is ideal for constructing strong, robust, household furniture. Its colouring is a stunning mix of bold hues and rich tones that collectively give a look that is strikingly beautiful and vibrant but not dominating either. Best of all, it looks completely natural in traditional and modern styles alike. For our range of mango furniture, please see the Wexford, Taj, and Jaipur lines.     

Solid mahogany living room furniture.   

Mahogany has long been one of the most in-demand woods in the world. With its superior strength and durability, it was used to in the construction of ships, furniture, and amazingly, is resistant to rot. Used by American colonies during the mid-18th century and eventually becoming in demand in Europe, by the end of the 19th century Britain was importing over 80,000 tonnes of mahogany.   

A very dark wood, mahogany has some of the most beautiful colouring in the world. With its deep, reddish-brown tones that darken with age, mahogany has a truly regal look that is enhanced to a red sheen when given a good polish. Internally, mahogany is one of the favoured woods for furniture because of it rarely contains voids or pockets, and its girth is very easily to cut to form wide boards.   

Another use for mahogany is in musical instruments. It has been proven the sound given off from an instrument made from solid mahogany is always richer, warmer, deeper, and more musical. Acoustic guitars and drum shells are well-known for being affected better by the inclusion of mahogany. Even today with all of the modern, sleek new materials being artificially produced across the road, musicians prefer it when phonographic record cartridges and headphones for stereos are constructed from mahogany.     

American white oak living room furniture.   

Oak is one of the most trusted woods in the world and has been used in shipbuilding, furniture making, and architecture since The Middle Ages. Even back as far as mythic times, both Greek and Norse mythology say of how the gods Zeus and Thor regarded oak with great significance. Sturdy, robust, and beautiful in colour, oak is the most popular material for household items. We use American white oak.   

American white oak is native to the North-Eastern part of America. Contrary to its name, it is actually incredibly rare to find a white oak tree with a white bark; its sapwood if usually a light grey whilst its heartwood ranges between a light to dark brown. The white oak tree itself can grow between 15 and 30m high, whilst its width is usually around a metre wide. With a coarse to medium texture, the grain formation of white oak is usually straight – like mahogany. It has impressive crushing strength and flexibility. The slow duration of its growth means that the white oak from the North-East part of the USA is actually lighter in weight, which is perfect for home furniture – we never want it to be too heavy. Another benefit of the white oak is that its heartwood is resistant to both preservatives and decay, whilst the sapwood is resistant to preservatives too.   

A type of white oak can also be found in America’s southern states like Florida and Texas. Here it is different; because it grows faster it is usually heavier than the other one and is therefore more rigid. Its trunk rings are wider as well. As far as colour is concerned, again it differs; a white oak from the south is usually either a pale-yellow brown or a pale-reddish brown – sometimes even with a pinkish hue running through it.   

Thanks to the mass production of affordable, solid oak furniture from America in the early 20th century, oak items were no longer an expense and the lower classes could have it in their home as well as the rich.     

How to care for your living room furniture.   

It is important to ensure that when you buy a piece of furniture that it will last you a long time. There is no use in searching, browsing, and then purchasing an item that isn’t going to give you your moneys worth. Our craftsmen work extra hard to make all items to the highest quality, which turn gives our customers long-lasting furniture. By constructing each piece from solid wood, using expertise methods, and finishing all in a protective seal of wax, oil, or lacquer, we have done everything that we can to give you furniture that last an extensive length of time. However there are some simple steps that you can take to extend the item’s durability for a few extra years.   

The simple positioning of an item makes a big difference to its lifespan. Firstly, we advise that you position an item with one inch of space between itself and the wall. By leaving this space between the item and the wall you are allowing the air to circulate fully around it whilst keeping it a good temperature. This also has the added benefit of preventing marks on the wall.   

Another thing to do is to never position a wooden item against an air conditioner or a radiator. Failure to do this exposes the wood to extreme temperatures which dehydrate the wood. By heating the wood it expands and by keeping it too cold it shrinks. This leads to the cracking and splitting of the wood.   

Many of us forget to protect the bottom of our furniture. Just because it can’t be seen unless from below, that doesn’t mean that you can’t protect it. By simply applying felt pads to the feet and legs of your items, you are providing a cushion between your items and the floor which prevents marks and scrapes. This not only protects the bottom of the item but your flooring too.   

It is also advisable to keep all wooden furniture out of direct light – sun or artificial. By exposing your wooden furniture to direct light it can cause the colour of the item to fade. If it isn’t possible to keep your furniture out of the sun or lamp light, then don’t worry – this is not a major issue if properly controlled. When positioning your item, say for example – a wardrobe, please make sure that a full section of the item is in the glare of the light. This will prevent half of the front of your wardrobe being faded, whilst the other is in its original colour. The same applies to lamp light; by moving the lamp to either side of your sideboard or next to either side of your wardrobe every now and again, you are evenly distributing the light. This provides equal fading to one section of the piece that is therefore unnoticeable due to its uniform appearance.     

Prolonging the life of your living room furniture.   

We mentioned earlier how wood was one of the few materials that could me maintained and essentially have its life prolonged. Positioning your furniture is a great start to this, but there are actual methods specific to a type of finish that can be followed to make your furniture look glorious for longer whilst also lasting years and years. You will find a document with similar to details to what follows included in the delivery of your purchase so that you have it all on paper in front of you. We implore that all customers read these instructions carefully to ensure no mistakes are made and potential damage of your furniture – avoided.   

For items with a lacquer finish, the best and healthiest way to clean it is with a damp, soft, lint-free cloth. Simply wash the entire item with this alone and when you have finished, dry it with a dry, soft cloth. Do not use chemicals or detergents to clean an item with a lacquer finish; in doing so you are risking penetration of the lacquer and serious damage to the wood.   Wax finishes need slightly more care. For cleaning, we advise that a good polish with a duster is sufficient enough; however, this does nothing to protect the wood. To give your item the necessary protection and nourishment, apply a fresh coating of wax every six months.   

And finally for items with an oiled finish, re-apply a coating of either linseed or Danish oil every three months. After successfully performing this for a year, you can reduce the application regularity to once every six months.   Warning – before any of these methods are carried out, we implore all customers to carry out a small test first. Select a hidden area of your item and apply a small amount of the method appropriate for your finish. Leave it a day before analysing the situation. If the tested area looks fine then proceed with the full application. On the other hand if the area looks like it has damaged the wood or at all dodgy, then do not proceed any further. Consult the document, our website, or the instruction on your maintenance products packaging; it may just be a simple case of purchasing an inappropriate product for your specific finish. That’s why we advise you test the product first before you apply it to the entire item and end-up with a ruined piece of furniture.   

We also advise that a mini test be performed on any cleaning products you wish to use on your item. We recommend that Murphy’s Oil Soap or a product similar be the best formula for removing grime and dirt. However in case of potential hazards, test it on a small, hidden area of your item too. If all is well after the test, proceed and clean the entire item.   

Over time, the drawers of our sideboards, Wellington’s, and other items can become stiff and awkward to open or close. This simply solved via rubbing a wax candle along the runners. This will provide smooth-sliding runners for your drawers.   

Each individual method we have listed on this page is seen as the best way to preserve solid, wood furniture in the industry. All are simple to follow and take a short space of time to carry out. Best of all, each method saves you a lot of money and hassle in the long-run, as it replaces looking for and buying for a brand new replacement.     

Why should I purchase my living room furniture from Right Price?   

The living room is one of the central rooms in the household; we relax and enjoy films with the family, entertain friends, and use it during our leisure time. Furnish it out with the finest quality of furniture with our collection at Right Price Furniture. No matter what your taste, room requirements, or preference, we have a vast assortment of various styles, sizes, and shapes of furniture just waiting to be given a home.   

Every single item available from our website has been created from premium quality mahogany, oak, or mango. We do not use any artificial materials like chipboard, MDF, or veneers in our products; nor do we cut corners in our manufacturing process. Designed with the supreme expertise of our highly-skilled craftsmen, you are buying items that have exceptional beauty and impressive durability. Even better, we seal all of our products with a nourishing and protect finish of wax, oil, or lacquer.   

With everything you could ever need for the perfect living room – coffee tables, sofas, and sideboards – you are spoilt for choice with what we have to offer. And best of all, everything is at unbeatable prices! Take a browse through our numerous ranges, products, room types, and styles to find your dream living room furniture.   

For further queries, please contact us via telephone or email.
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