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Welcome to our bedroom selection.  We have lots of stunning ranges of solid Oak bedroom furniture to choose from, from beds to wardrobes, chest of drawers to dressing tables.  Whereas other larger high street retailers only generally offer beds, our selection of furniture includes extensive ranges in many different styles and finishes.

Take a tour around our amazing ranges of Oak bedroom furniture and check out the many different styles and designs we offer, from traditional to modern, curved cornices to clean, sharp design.  
blenheim bedroom range
Arianne Oak Bedroom Furniture
For contemporary beauty in the bedroom, the Arianne line is a stunning choice. Featuring bevelled edges, mitred corner joints, solid oak, and brushed metal handles, the collection oozes elegant simplicity.
Atlantis Solid Oak Bedroom Furniture
Sharp lines and contemporary chic make the Atlantis collection a must-have for the modern bedroom. Designed with clean cut grooves, panelled sides, and curved, brushed metal handles, the range is irresistibly stylish.
Blenheim Solid Mahogany Bedroom Range
The Blenheim collection is classically regal. With majestic features like pediment bases, ogee feet, and flared cornices, as well as being made from solid mahogany, this bedroom range oozes sophistication.
Brooklyn Solid Oak Bedroom Furniture
Bursting with contemporary charm, the Brooklyn range will look at home in any bedroom. Smooth lines and a rich, oiled finish give the collection a warm ambience that is perfect to relax in at the end of a long day.
Cotswold Solid Oak Bedroom Range
From the curved valances to the cast metal drawer handles, everything about the Cotswold bedroom collection is delightfully contemporary. Sleep soundly in a room furnished with this wonderful, solid oak range.
Country Solid Oak Bedroom Furniture
If you're looking to achieve traditional charm and excellence in your bedroom, then the Country range is the perfect choice for you. With ravishingly rustic features and a warm wax finish, the line is a classic.
Jaipur Bedroom Furniture
Give your bedroom a cultural twist with this stunning collection of rustic, Indian furniture from the Jaipur range. Made from solid mango and with a semi-distressed finish, the line has a fresh unique beauty.
Manhattan Solid Oak Bedroom Range
With its highly unique design, the Manhattan collection is outstanding for its modern style. Giving a fresh and minimalist feel to your bedroom, it will help you finally unwind and rest at the end of the day.
Milano Solid Oak Bedroom Range
Chunky, cubic handles, panelled sides, and clean cut lines make the Milano collection the ideal choice for anyone wanting to achieve a wonderfully modern or contemporary look in their bedroom.
Opus Solid Oak Bedroom Furniture
The beauty of modern simplicity and practicality come together in the Opus collection. Sleek, stylish, and cool, you will have sweet dreams every night with this charming contemporary range.
Oslo Solid Oak Furniture Bedroom Collection
The Oslo bedroom collection is bursting with contemporary charm. With brushed, metal, bar handles, and over-hanging tops, the modern design of the range will create a stylish yet relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom.
Quintoch Rustic Solid Oak Bedroom Range
Glowing with its warm, wax finish and bursting with rustic character, the Quintoch collection will turn your bedroom into a slumber paradise. A charming range full of traditional beauty and homely ambience.
RPF Mattresses
You’ve got the bed, but what about the mattress? Browse through our extensive assortment of mattresses and you won’t find any better for sumptuous comfort, excellent support, and premium quality.
Taj Solid Mango Bedroom Furniture
Indian furniture made from solid mango wood is highly popular today and our Taj collection embodies this trend. Beautifully rustic and full of character, the range will add an exotic twist to your bedroom.
Toulouse Solid Oak Bedroom Furniture
Fancy the rustic, French farmhouse feel in your bedroom? Then our Toulouse collection fits the bill perfectly. With traditional features and a warm glow, it creates the perfect setting for dreamful slumbers.
Saki Rustic Solid Oak Bedroom Range
The Saki range is constructed from entirely solid oak, with a light wax furniture polish. With beautiful curves and hand chamfered edges the entire range is designed by experienced craftsmen, with dovetail joints and sol..
Harrington Solid Oak Bedroom Range
The Harrington Bedroom Range combines classic curves and ornate French design with the natural elegance of solid oak, the Harrington range offers a modern twist on a traditional style. Our exceptional craftsmen have used..
Canterbury Painted Oak Bedroom Range
For classic farm house beauty in the bedroom, the Canterbury line is a stunning choice. Featuring flared cornices, arched bases, solid oak, and contrast wooden handles, the collection oozes elegant simplicity.
Raddon Solid Oak Bedroom Range
Rustic charm and rough sawn marks make the Raddon collection a must-have for the rural or rustic bedroom. Designed with chunky square feet, panelled sides, and tidy, metal pull handles, the range is irresistibly stylish...
Lille Painted Solid Oak Bedroom Range
Bursting with Rustic charm, the Lille range will look at home in any bedroom. Clean cut lines and a natural, painted two tone finish give the collection a warm ambience that is perfect to relax in at the end of a long da..
The Ascot Brushed Solid Oak range features a silvery grey patina to the rustic finish. Created by brushing along the grain just before it’s waxed, this distinctive look coupled with stylish handles bridges the traditiona..
Featuring hand chamfered edges, softly rounded corners and skilfully sculpted handles each piece from the Hanoi Rustic Solid Oak range showcases an exclusive design which works in harmony with the natural beauty of the o..
The Georgian Range showcases a timeless, classic design inspired by nineteenth century French furniture. Each piece is handcrafted from premium grade solid mango wood and treated with a specially formulated wax polish to..
Lowri (Brushed Oak & Painted)
TThe Lowri Brushed Oak and Cream Painted range combines the elegance of brushed solid oak tops with a subtle cream finish to create a luxurious ambience in your home.
Cardiff has the hallmarks of classic styling – detailed moulding on the cabinet edges and drawer fronts, and on cornices above the sturdy bracket feet, and at the tops of the furniture.
Our gorgeous Latice range evokes the feel of a well-loved, homely interior, there to give a warm backdrop to everyday life. Latice has a tactile, weathered look and feel. It features our unique ‘french-washed’ finish, wh..
Once you’ve selected the right furniture for your home, keep in mind to have a look at our other wonderful ranges of solid oak furniture, again available in many different styles and finishes.   

Whatever your taste, we have a solid wood furniture range to suit everyone.  From the magnificently traditional ranges to the decorative classic style of ranges, if you want the very best in solid wood bedroom furniture then you’ve come to the right place.  Some of the items have intricate detail, whereas others are fashionable but simple; we have wonderful bedroom furniture to choose from.   

Our bedroom furniture is carefully designed and hand-crafted in 100% solid Oak, with solid oak bases and backs, dovetail joints in every drawer and shelf and the very best fixings and handles.  

Our expert joiners have many decades of experience of working with solid Oak and know just how to get the very best from each and every item of Oak they use.  We never, ever use MDF, veneer or chipboard and each amazing item of solid oak furniture that we create is finished in a option of wax, oil or clear lacquer.    

Whether you want a bedstead, wardrobe, bedside cabinet, dressing table or blanket box; you can be sure that we offer an unbeatable selection of bedroom furniture at the very best prices.    

Some people choose simple, clean design and this is certainly available in our contemporary ranges.  There happens to be huge choice in this range from bedsteads to blanket boxes.  

Our stunning solid Oak bedsteads are available in a wide range of styles, with a choice of double or triple door wardrobes and chests of drawers in practically every size and combination.  So you can have somewhere fashionable to store all your bits and bobs.   

A bedroom can be modified in an instant with oak bedroom furniture.  You can make a calming escape easily, with our comprehensive ranges that turn your bedroom into a space where you can escape from the stress of modern life of today.    

Every piece of wonderful bedroom furniture forms part of a bigger range, so this gives you a large amount of choice from which to choose the perfect pieces for your bedroom. Each item of oak bedroom furniture has solid wood or metal handles, and is finished with a nourishing wax, oil or lacquer, to protect the wood, improve the grain and extend the life of your furniture.
Some surprising bedroom furniture information...   

You may not know that the bedroom has not always been the position where individuals rest.  Up to now only the rich could manage homes large enough to provide a individual room for getting to sleep. Ordinary individuals who were lucky enough to own a bed usually kept it in a area of the living area.  Other individuals rested wherever they could, and some individuals actually rested in the same place as their animals.  This was still occurring in the countryside, up until the beginning of World War II.    

As the war and time progressed, it became very common for individual sleeping bedrooms to be integrated into modern housing, particularly as new housing was being built after the war damaged many houses.  Furniture in these early bedrooms was usually basic and rare.  The more rich individuals were, the more furniture they had.  Generally furniture included beds, chest of drawers and wardrobes with the odd dressing table if afforded. Solid oak bedroom furniture was something that most individuals could only dream of having.   

After some time, the contemporary bedroom involved a washstand, in the absence of bathrooms.  Usually washing facilities were limited to a jug of (usually very cold) water placed on the washstand, usually with a marble water-resistant top.  Washrooms were usually located outside, in the garden.  Chamber pots were kept in the bedroom, either under the bed or beneath nightstand.   

Mirrors were generally found in bedrooms at this time, and were usually pretty affordable.  The dressing table was more common in bedrooms, along with other basic bedroom furniture.  

Contemporary homes these days are generally smaller than homes used to be, and the double bed used to generally measure around 4ft 6ins.  These times, however, despite some having smaller houses many people choose beds that are up to 6ft.  It’s also common for TV’s and computer equipment to be found in the bedroom these days too, and so the availability of cabinets and dressing tables that double up as workstations is not unheard of.  

The nightstand, otherwise known as the bedroom table, has since seen cupboard space replaced with drawers these days.  Wardrobes, once reserved only for the wealthy, are also experiencing from something of a update, too.  Hanging space is generally more suitable than shelves, although smaller shelves are still more suitable for storing footwear.  Many wardrobes now have the versatility of being tailored to offering mostly hanging or shelf space, or a mixture of the two.    

As you can see, furniture has come a long, long way.   

Solid Oak Bedroom Furniture...

Oak has long been used for creating furniture around the world.  Craftsmen have found many uses for this wonderful, resilient material throughout the years, such as construction, ship building and furniture manufacture.  

Small sized parts of the Oak tree are not wasted, either, with the bark used for getting tanning leather and small segments of wood being used for fire wood and charcoal manufacture. Our craftsmen only ever hand-craft our solid Oak bedroom furniture using 100% sustainable American White oak. It is a wonderful, resilient and strong wood that changes any modern or traditional bedroom.

Solid Oak bedroom furniture in the UK...

Oak has been brought in from the United States since the beginning of the Twentieth century.  The first oak bedroom furniture was of a kind which established a main part of the Arts and Crafts movement.  This kind of furniture included distinct lines, exposed joints and was generally finished with a varnish.  This design of furniture is still available and some people prefer this design.

The option of solid Oak, as a material for bedroom furniture, has not been in supply until the past few years.  After the First World War, the shortage of solid Oak meant that oak bedroom furniture was replaced by an assortment of Oak and other types of wood.  Through the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s, plastic material became a well-known material for furniture production as it showed a craving for all things modern. Of course, nowadays we think of plastic material for garden and patio furniture, but this did not come about until the 80's, when a revival of solid oak bedroom furniture happened, and made oak once more a well-known choice for furniture manufacture.

Our solid Oak bedroom furniture ranges...

We have an extensive selection of solid oak bedroom ranges, in many different styles and with a choice of finishes.  Some people choose crisp, clean lines whereas others may choose a softer look in the bedroom.  Preferences in finishes differ, too, from a light natural lacquer to a nourishing wax finish.  There is plenty to entice you in our fantastic variety of solid oak bedroom furniture...

We have modern solid oak bedroom furniture with a sleek, clean lines, solid wood handles, dovetail joints in every drawer, tapered feet and solid back and sides. The ranges offer everything for the bedroom from wardrobes to chest of drawers.  There is something for everyone in the bedroom furniture selection.   

Whatever range and design you choose, and no matter where you place it in your bedroom, you can rest knowing that each and every item of solid Oak bedroom furniture that our expert craftsmen produce is created from 100% solid Oak and not an inches of MDF, veneer or chipboard.    

The flexibility of solid Oak bedroom furniture...   

Solid oak furniture is the most ideal choice for any modern or traditional bedroom.  Our solid Oak bedroom furniture will last and last. And, if your furniture preferences modify later on, it’s comforting to know that you can easily sand, re-finish and refurbish your solid Oak bedroom furniture, upgrading it to match the modifying design of your bedroom.  This is only possible because Oak is a natural material that gives itself to being remodelled with just a little work.

Getting a piece of meticulously-styled, well-crafted solid oak bedroom furniture is an easy way to bring a splash of magnificently traditional style into your bedroom.  Many of our oak pieces offer themselves to any room in the home.  Take, for example, the amazing 5 drawer wellington chest – this looks equally amazing in a dining or living area as a bedroom.  That is just one more reason to choose oak furniture.   

American White Oak for beautiful solid Oak bedroom furniture...   

We only ever work with sustainable American White Oak, and there are several reasons for this.  Some European Oak is no longer sustainable, and we will not manufacture oak bedroom furniture from any source that is not sustainable.  The numerous variety of American White Oak allows us to produce wonderful oak bedroom furniture with the earth's resources in mind.   

Every item of solid oak bedroom furniture that we design and make is made from sustainable American White Oak.  This Oak is widespread throughout Eastern USA.  Eight of the White Oak species are commercially grown.   

American White Oak compares very closely in appearance to European Oak.  The sapwood of American White Oak is light-coloured, and the heartwood is light to dark brown. It has a medium to course texture, with longer rays than red oak, so this is why the white Oak has unique grain marks.  This makes it perfect in production for solid oak bedroom furniture.   

Primarily a hard and heavy wood with extreme durability, American White Oak is very good for steam bending – this is another reason that it’s fantastic for furniture manufacturing.  Southern White Oak is fast grown with wide growth rings, and the heartwood is resistant to decay, but also extremely resistant to preservation treatment.   

American White oak is readily available in the USA, and is used widely because of the amount of choices it gives you, and its suitability for manufacturing traditional solid oak bedroom furniture.  It’s also one of the most exported materials in the USA because of this.   

American White Oak is also used in construction, flooring, structural joinery, external joinery, mouldings, doors, kitchen units, panelling, railway sleepers and many others. White oak can differ in colour, texture, features and qualities according to the growing area. It’s always suggested that manufactures always work with supplies so that the wood used is specific to the needs of the product.   

The White Oak tree and solid Oak bedroom furniture...   

Some white oak can differ in size and form; some are unsuitable for wood production.  Others can differ in size from 15 meters to 30 meters.    

American White Oak, despite usually similar to European Oak, has a more variable colour. This varies from pale yellow-brown to light reddish-brown, sometimes with a pink tinge.  But the grain is generally straight, and the texture varies; from coarse to medium coarse.  This is why bedroom furniture made from American White Oak is so unique.   

The quality of the Oak relies upon a lot on the conditions of growth.  Slow-grown northern white Oak is usually lighter in weight than the Oak grown in the southern states.  The Appalachian Mountains used to offer much of the light white oak used most commonly for furniture and cabinet-making.  Southern white Oak is usually quickly grown, and its wide growth-rings are relatively coarse and best for constructional use.    

American White Oak will dry gradually, and compares closely with European Oak in durability, hence its suitability in producing solid oak bedroom furniture.  It also compares fairly closely with European oak in general strength but on the whole, its higher density provides rather higher durability which makes it extremely durable. It also has varying working properties, according to the rate of growth.  Our slow-grown white Oak is easier to work with than fast-grown.  The wood can be glued, stained and polished and takes nails and screws well.  All of these factors go some way to demonstrate just why American White Oak is so well suited for the production of solid oak bedroom furniture.   

Prolonging the life of your solid Oak bedroom furniture...   

After you have spent time selecting the items of bedroom furniture that you want, it goes without saying that you will want to make sure that you’re wonderful furniture lasts and lasts.  You might be amazed to know that there are few very maintenance steps that you can take to extend the life of your new bedroom furniture.   

When deciding where you are going to place your bedroom furniture, it’s always a wise decision to keep a gap of around 1” between any walls and the back of your furniture.  This will make sure that the air flow keeps your furniture at the the best possible temperature.   

Try not to place your solid oak bedroom furniture directly in front side of an air conditioning unit or radiator.  The continuous change in temperature could result in your furniture drying out and cracking.  Of course, Oak is a natural product and a certain amount of movement can be expected, but extreme movement could be witnessed as a result of solid oak bedroom furniture not being kept in the best position.   

When positioning your oak bedroom furniture on a wooden floor, then always place protective felt beneath feet or legs of the furniture.  This will protect the furniture and the ground beneath.   

Oak is a natural product, and the colour can naturally reduce during its life-time.  This is often due to the effects of sunshine and household lights.  To help prolong the richness in the colour of your traditional oak bedroom furniture, try to regularly change lights and other items to help give an even colour to your furniture as it ages.   

Your wonderful solid oak bedroom furniture was designed and built to last.  However, a few simple regular maintenance steps can really help to extend the life of your new furniture.  It only needs to be carried out every three months or so, initially, but this will become less of a requirement eventually.  A short time spent in basic maintenance will ensure that your wonderful new bedroom furniture will last and last...   

Always follow the accompanying care documentation you received when you bought your solid Oak bedroom furniture.   

If your furniture has a lacquered finish, then clean it once a week with a damp cloth, without soap, and follow to up by drying the bedroom oak furniture with a soft lint-free dry cloth.  

If your furniture has a wax finish, make sure that you apply a top quality furniture wax to your solid oak bedroom furniture every six months.  Try to remember that furniture polish, in cans, is not a wax.  It may polish your furniture, but the best way to prolong the life of your oak bedroom furniture to apply wax.   

Lastly, if your furniture has an oil finish, then apply a high quality boiled layer of Linseed or Danish Oil to your solid oak bedroom furniture.  This will make sure that the Oak remains water proof.  Oak is a natural product and is never water proof, so do make sure that you mop up any spills strait away to avoid discoloration.  After the first year it is possible to reduce the frequency of adding oil to every six months, as routine maintenance.   

Our solid oak bedroom furniture is made from sustainable American White Oak, and as we’ve mentioned Oak is a natural product and this implies that no two items of Oak furniture will age in the same way.  This is all part of the natural character of the wood and should be expected.   

If you need to thoroughly clean your solid oak bedroom furniture, then a solution such as Murphy’s Oil Soap is excellent for eliminating dust and wax.  But do read the guidelines properly and always refinish with a relevant wax or lacquer.   

A simple, useful tip for keeping drawers is to rub a candle on the runners to keep them opening easily.  This is very simple, but very efficient.   

Always use felt-backed or natural wooden coasters for placing beverages down on your traditional solid oak furniture.   

Just one more point – when applying any type of finishing product to your wonderful piece of solid oak bedroom furniture, always test out an inconspicuous area first.  And always check compatibility with previous products that may have been used on your furniture.   

Then relax and relish the beauty of your amazing traditional solid oak furniture for years to come!   

Beautiful, classic solid Oak bedroom furniture for your home...   

Our stunning ranges of solid oak bedroom furniture offer a large amount of choice for every modern or conventional bedroom.  Whether it’s a bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers; you can rest and enjoy choosing with the assurance of understanding that you are getting the very best in oak bedroom furniture.  Our expert craftsmen carefully design and hand craft every single item using solid wood, and never, use a trace of MDF, veneer or chipboard.  This is our assurance to you.   

Every drawer in our solid wood bedroom ranges contain dovetail joints, and every wardrobe, dressing table have a solid back and base, with the very best quality handles and fixings.   

Our expert craftsmen make sure that we manufacture and finish every individual item of wonderful, resilient solid wood furniture with a wax, oil or natural lacquer, to protect the oak and improve the grain of the wood.  This gives your bedroom furniture protection and a look that you will love.   

We only use 100% solid wood, never a millimetre of MDF, veneer or chipboard.  Neither do we use any other wood combined with Oak.  Our craftsmen only ever work with solid wood that has been gathered from a sustainable resource, using conventional manufacturing techniques.    

We guarantee that all of these aspects merge to offer wonderful, resilient solid wood furniture that has been designed to last a life-time, at the very best price to you.   

That’s what makes our bedroom furniture so very unique.  
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