At Right Price Furniture, we have a stunning selection of sofa ranges in an array of different designs. Whether you’re looking for a traditional, classic sofa upholstered in Italian leather, or a contemporary corner group with removable covers – we have something to suit you. Each sofa is built to give you immeasurable comfort; with fantastic padding and other comfort features, you can kick-back and relax in sumptuous luxury. In addition, each sofa is usually part of a larger range so that you can purchase a full suite. This includes armchairs, footstools, and even corner groups in some collections.
cadiz sofa range
Isabella Sofa Range Featuring Light Oak Feet
Brighten up your living room with the stunning range of contemporary sofas from the Isabella line. Wonderfully smooth lines, plump cushions, and deep-filled backs make each a dream to sit in.
Joshua Sofa Range Featuring Dark Oak Feet
Simple, traditional, and beautiful, the Joshua collection of sofas will add a touch of class to your living room. With dark oak feet and upholstered in a woven fabric, it has classic charm in abundance.
Joshua Sofa Range Featuring Light Oak Feet
Classically beautiful with light oak feet, low armrests, and deep cushions, the Joshua collection of sofas offers both visual splendour and supreme comfort. Ideal in both traditional and contemporary homes alike.
Olivia Topaz Fabric - Desert
With floral cushions and upholstered in a neutral fabric, the Olivia collection of sofas is bursting with charm and elegance. Highly versatile, the range will look good in both contemporary and traditional settings.
Rebecca Barley Fabric - Silver
The Rebecca collection is a charming range of classic sofas. Upholstered in a soft, dark grey fabric with additional floral cushions, it will look at home in modern and traditional households equally.
Samuel Italian Leather - Chestnut
The Samuel collection is magnificence in sofa design. With bucket seating, plump, padded backs, and headrests, the comfort and luxury each piece gives is unmatched. It's also upholstered in chestnut, Italian leather.
Isabella Sofa Range Featuring Dark Oak Feet
Exceptionally crafted with sumptuously soft fabric and smooth lines, the look of the Isabella collection is contemporary beauty at its finest. Fitted with additonal dark oak feet, the range is simply delightful.
The Sophie Fabric Sofa Collection offers a variety of elegant sofas, creating the perfect combination of luxury and relaxation. The strong interior frame, robust oak feet and subtle palette of colours to choose from guar..
Our expert craftsmen have created each sofa with the same care and meticulous detail that they apply to their woodwork. Dedicated to bringing you the finest sofas in Britain at the lowest prices, we can assure you that every sofa we sell is of the highest quality. They are also built to be durable so that no matter what daily life throws at it, with the correct care and attention, your sofa should last you many years.     

A history of the sofa.   

There are three names used in Britain and other English-speaking countries to describe padded seating – the sofa, settee, and couch. Each different term has come into use throughout the ages and mirrors the fascinating history of how today’s sofa came into being and how it is now an essential item that can be found in the majority of homes across the globe.   

Before ancient civilisations, humans were a highly nomadic race that moved from place to place. However, once they began to settle, they started to create items – later known as furniture – to make life more comfortable.   Our earliest knowledge of a sofa dates back to the ancient Egyptians, mainly in the palace of the Pharaohs. Originally used to lay back and relax, these seats were the height of luxury and developed as a means by which people could relax together. This increased in popularity by the time of the ancient Greeks and the Romans. It has been suggested that the sofa was used by only the males of the household, where they would lie back and be fed grapes and other food by the servants or the ladies of the household.   

This exotic and lavish item eventually found its way to the British Isles, where English craftsmen during the 14th-17th centuries started to create their own designs of the sofa, but instead they called it the ‘couch.’ This was borrowed from the French term for “to put to bed” which was “coucher.” It was around the same time that the Arabic word ‘suffah’ found its way into the English language and became ‘sofa.’ To pad sofas and couches, materials like horsehair, feathers, and straw were used. This was also the period where upholstery really came into its own. A guild was set-up for upholsterers where rules and regulations were founded.   

New techniques in upholstering developed with the introduction of ‘stitched edges’ which led to new designs where you could now have sloping and curved lines. During the Elizabethan and Victorian period, English craftsmanship began to takeover the previous reign of French and Italian designers with their elegant and innovative designs that were desirable for their class and quality.   

By the 19th century, it had been discovered that sitting upright rather than lying down and reclining was in fact a lot more comfort and more fitting with social interaction. This is where craftsmen began to replace feathers and horsehair with springs for a more bouncy and comfortable seat. The first springs in sofas were seen around 1828.   Throughout the 1900s, more developments were introduced including the wood-framed sofa with springs and the use of rubber foam. With the dawn of television and consumers wanting to maximise space in their home, new inventions like the corner sofa and the sofa bed became popular.     

Our ranges of sofas.   

Every consumer has their preferences; some of us like the new, fresh look of modern designs, whilst some of us prefer a more traditional appearance. But even separating sofas into modern and traditional isn’t enough; there is fabric, colour, size, and many other things to consider. That’s why we have provided a vast range of sofas in our collection.   

We have tried to consider all tastes and even the décor of some customers’ homes. Not everyone likes bold colours in the living room, nor does everybody like the neutral tones that are popular today. With this in mind we have included many different colours, as well as various tones in colours, so that you can more or less tailor your chosen suite to your living room flawlessly. Other additional features include different styles of feet, cushions, arm rests, and a multitude of others so that it is almost as if you have designed the sofa yourself.   

Our range of leather sofas includes highly traditional and even contemporary styles all in warm, ravishing reds and browns. Check out our Ava, Lana, Samuel, or Sophia collections to view the classic beauty of our leather sofas. For a sleek, modern sofa, upholstered in the finest white, Italian leather, then our Bianca range may be more suitable.   

If you’re looking for a more traditional and classic look that has an almost regal appearance, then one of our sofas from the Elizabeth, Joshua, Olivia, and Victoria collections is ideal. With stunning fabrics – some plain and some patterned – and even featuring ornate, wooden feet, the look of these ranges is simply divine.   

For those with children who want to have the option of fully cleaning their sofa regularly with ease, then the Camille, Caroline, or Richmond ranges are perfect. Each comes with removable covers that can be easily washed – please see all instructions before removing and cleaning.   

Finally, if you want to achieve a sleek and modern look in the living room, the one of our contemporary collection is the answer to your sofa problems. Choosing from the Cadiz, Derby, Florence, Isabella, Juliet, Peyton, Phoenix, Rebecca, and Vivien ranges which are cool, slick, and bursting with style, you’ll have the luxurious seating you need and make a statement in your living room.     

How to care for your sofa.   

There are many steps you can take to keeping your sofa look its best and in mint condition. Sofas undergo a lot of wear and tear as they are heavily used in the household. However, there are lots of things that you can do to keep it looking as good as new and last much longer. Before following any of these instructions we advise that you read all instructions of any product you are going to apply to your sofa to ensure that it is appropriate for the fabric. We also implore customers to perform a mini-test on a small and discreet area of the sofa to check that the product is right for the fabric and to minimise any damage caused in case you have chosen the wrong product.   

Our first piece of advice applies to all sofas, no matter what the fabric. Applying felt pads to the base of each foot of your sofa protects both the sofa and the floor against any scratches or marks. They come in different sizes but can also be easily cut to size specifically and are wonderfully simple to apply. Caring for your leather sofa.     

It is important that no domestic cleaning products be used to clean leather. Although these are safe on other items, for leather they can be terribly hazardous and cause the finish of the leather to be spoilt. We also advise that your leather sofa be kept well away from direct sunlight and excessive temperatures caused by radiators and air conditioners.   

One must remember with their leather furniture that leather is a natural material. Much like wood, leather is unique in every hide that is produced and is prone to ageing because of its sturdy but delicate physique. Distinct scarring, wrinkling, veins, and marks can be found in various forms on any hide. Please do not see this as a flaw of leather, but rather an additional attribute to its fantastic character. It is a natural product and is therefore naturally ravishing; any marks it has or acquires over time are merely accentuating its beauty and should be cherished.   

There are many products on the market specifically created to treat leather effectively and safely. Before using any product that claims to clean your leather please read the instructions carefully and perform a mini-test of the product. We recommend that you use the specially formulated products on your leather every 6-12 months to increase its softness and sturdiness. For weekly cleaning, wiping over the sofa with a clean duster (no polish) is sufficient enough for removing dust.   

As far as caring for your leather furniture is concerned, there are little things you can put in place to reduce and minimise wear and tear. If any liquids and spilt on the leather then do not rub the spill; this does nothing but blemish the leather. We advise that you use the rim of a paper towel to absorb the liquid, and wipe away any excess with a clean towel.   

Regarding any cushions – arm, seat, and back – plump and fluff these on a regular basis. This stops the cushions from losing their shape and makes them comfortable and fuller for longer. We advise the avoidance of sitting on arm rests as this does result in the warping of the padding and wearing of the leather.   

We warn customers that sharp objects like belt buckles, keys, or any other item that has sharp edges be used with care when near the leather. They can easily scratch the material which causes permanent damage.   

All furniture should be placed around an inch away from walls, and sofas are the same. Position it an inch or two away from the wall and this will be prevent any wall markings.     

Caring for your fabric sofa.   

Prone to dust as much as any other item of furniture, upholstered sofas need cleaning too. It is advised that you brush or vacuum your sofa every week; this removes all trace of dust that is deep down in the fibres and helps to bring out the ravishing colour of the fabric before it is dulled by the dust. Take extra care when vacuuming delicate details of the sofa like fringes and braids. Do not vacuum cushions filled with feather or down; the strength of the suction can pull feathers out.   

When brushing the fabric, be sure to brush gently. If no care is taken when brushing then snagging may indeed occur. In the event of snagging, trim the excess thread and tuck the end of the fabric in. Never pull at the thread.   

To give your fabric sofa a good, deep clean, we strongly advise that you hire professional cleaners of upholstered sofas. Be sure that the company has a good reputation for being experts in cleaning fabric sofas. It is widely recommended that professional help be hired every 1-2 years. Leaving a deep-clean for longer will mean that your sofa gets dirtier and therefore become even harder to clean. In some cases, not having it professionally cleaned for a long time can result in the sofa never being fully-restored; the damage to the fabric would be too great.   

For any wooden parts of the sofa, for example, wooden feet and scroll arms, simply use a damp cloth (no chemicals or detergents) to gently wipe away the dirt and dust. Once completed, dry any liquid residue with a dry, soft, lint-free cloth.   

Creases can occur due to the natural wear or people sitting down. Therefore, we advise that simple smoothing out creases immediately will prevent them become a permanent fixture with your sofa.   

Regarding any removable covers then take care when washing them by carefully reading all instructions the sofa comes with. In fact, again we stress that before any cleaning is carried out all instructions of products and the fabric being cleaned by read and understood fully.
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