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Furniture designed in a rustic style have been popular in homes for decades because of their traditional and warm appearance; that’s why we’ve made sure that we have them available in our collection. Although traditional, rustic furniture is also suitable for contemporary homes due to the fact that it is timeless and always looks good. From the Cotswold, to the Toulouse and Quintoch range, we have some really beautiful, rustic items in our collection. All are finished in a wax, lacquer, or oil to enhance the natural grain of the oak and give a warm glow to the colour of the pieces.
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Country Solid Oak Bedroom Furniture
If you're looking to achieve traditional charm and excellence in your bedroom, then the Country range is the perfect choice for you. With ravishingly rustic features and a warm wax finish, the line is a classic.
Country Solid Oak Furniture Dining Room Range
Traditional and bursting with rustic appeal, the Country line enables you to furnish your dining room in visual splendour. With beauty and practicality in abundance, it'll make mealtimes even more enjoyable.
Dining Sets
Here you will find our extensive range of dining sets in a vast assortment of styles, shapes, and sizes. Whether you’re having dinner for two or entertaining an entire party – we’ll have something to suit you.
Jaipur Bedroom Furniture
Give your bedroom a cultural twist with this stunning collection of rustic, Indian furniture from the Jaipur range. Made from solid mango and with a semi-distressed finish, the line has a fresh unique beauty.
Jaipur Dining Room Furniture
Inspired by traditional Indian design, the Jaipur collection will add rustic warmth with a cultural twist to your dining room. An exciting and fresh style, it'll transform your home dining experience.
Quintoch Rustic Oak Dining Room Range
Warm-up your living room with the rustic beauty of our Quintoch collection. Featuring everything you will ever need to furnish your living area gloriously, each piece has a cosy and homely quality to it.
Quintoch Rustic Solid Oak Bedroom Range
Glowing with its warm, wax finish and bursting with rustic character, the Quintoch collection will turn your bedroom into a slumber paradise. A charming range full of traditional beauty and homely ambience.
Saki Rustic Solid Oak Bedroom Range
The Saki range is constructed from entirely solid oak, with a light wax furniture polish. With beautiful curves and hand chamfered edges the entire range is designed by experienced craftsmen, with dovetail joints and sol..
Saki Rustic Solid Oak Dining and Living Room Range
The Saki range is constructed from entirely solid oak, with a light wax furniture polish. With beautiful curves and hand chamfered edges the entire range is designed by experienced craftsmen, with dovetail joints and sol..
Raddon Solid Oak Bedroom Range
Rustic charm and rough sawn marks make the Raddon collection a must-have for the rural or rustic bedroom. Designed with chunky square feet, panelled sides, and tidy, metal pull handles, the range is irresistibly stylish...
Raddon Solid Oak Living and Dining Room Range
Rustic charm and rough sawn marks make the Raddon collection a must-have for the rural or rustic dining and living room. Designed with chunky square feet, panelled sides, and tidy, metal pull handles, the range is irresi..
Lille Painted Solid Oak Bedroom Range
Bursting with Rustic charm, the Lille range will look at home in any bedroom. Clean cut lines and a natural, painted two tone finish give the collection a warm ambience that is perfect to relax in at the end of a long da..
Lille Painted Solid Oak Dining and Living Room Range
The Lille line of living and dining room furniture is a wonderful example of rustic style at its finest. Made from solid oak and finished with a two tone painted natural look, it'll add a warm, cosy glow to your home.
The Ascot Brushed Solid Oak range features a silvery grey patina to the rustic finish. Created by brushing along the grain just before it’s waxed, this distinctive look coupled with stylish handles bridges the traditiona..
Featuring hand chamfered edges, softly rounded corners and skilfully sculpted handles each piece from the Hanoi Rustic Solid Oak range showcases an exclusive design which works in harmony with the natural beauty of the o..
The Georgian Range showcases a timeless, classic design inspired by nineteenth century French furniture. Each piece is handcrafted from premium grade solid mango wood and treated with a specially formulated wax polish to..
Cardiff has the hallmarks of classic styling – detailed moulding on the cabinet edges and drawer fronts, and on cornices above the sturdy bracket feet, and at the tops of the furniture.
Every item has been masterly made by the expertise of our skilled craftsmen and is provided in a range of styles and sizes to suit people’s tastes and requirements. Available from our rustic ranges are beds, dressing tables, wine racks, sideboards, coffee tables, and chairs. No matter what your preference, if you love rustic oak furniture then we have ensured that we have every item you’ll need to furnish your household available.  

The term “rustic” has connotations of something being old, reclaimed, or distressed; this tends to attract people to the style because it means that the furniture has lots of character. Another term used is “country” and is applied to the same style because we associate the country to be traditional and of yesteryear.   

A popular style that has come into its own recently is shabby-chic, which is basically items that seem like that they are old and of another era, but have been revamped to look attractive and stylish. Massively popular in current interior design, shabby-chic items are picked according their appearance and must display signs that indicate ageing, wear, or of being distressed (purposefully or due to age). Put briefly, items that are considered shabby-chic look like a possible antique.   

Regardless of the popularity of shabby-chic, rustic furniture manufactured from solid oak is still a firm favourite because it ages far more gracefully. In addition, the design and quality of it means that the item will retain its classic charm for years and years. A brilliant benefit of oak furniture is that if it does start to look a little distressed or in need of a revamp, then it is very simple to give it a makeover, whether you just give it a re-finish it or sand it down. In the longer term this saves you money and earns you back what you initially spent due to the sheer extent of its durability.   

One of the most beautiful aspects of the rustic style is that it is the perfect way to compliment oak. With its natural grain detail, colour, and unique character, no material is more suited for a rustic look – they are the perfect blend and make a glorious impact on any room that has a traditional or contemporary look.   

To ensure our customers get the best value for their money, our craftsmen only work with the finest American white oak and use only the most expert methods of their trade. No chipboard, MDF, veneers, or any other artificial materials are used in our products. We maintain our high quality standards so that the item you purchase not only looks ravishing for a very long time, but also last for years and years. Although a solid oak item might be slightly more expensive than a plastic or flat pack version from another furniture dealer, it will be cheaper in the long run because it won’t need replacing like this poor alternative.

Rustic solid oak furniture for the dining room   

For most households, the dining room is the one place where the whole family can gather for a meal and talk to each other. In fact it is a social room for family, friends, guests at your dinner party, therefore it is important that you furnish yours in splendour. Consider the style of cuisine you enjoy cooking – do you enjoy cooking hearty British classics or do you like to experiment with oriental cuisine? Either way, suiting the style of your dining room with your taste in food and original décor is a great idea to make the most of the space. We have a fantastic range of rustic furniture for the dining room that can be contemporary or traditional but still including those rustic characteristics.   

Everything you need to complete your dining room is available including tables that are large, small, medium, extendable, fixed, rounded, square, or D-end. Stylish dining chairs with plump cushions and beautiful upholstery are also included to ensure you and your guests are seated comfortably. Other items like Welsh dressers and wine racks are also featured in our range. No matter how big or little your family, or how many guests you like to entertain, we have various sizes of each item to make sure you find the perfect fit.   

Mealtimes can be a bit of a nightmare of dining tables with clanging cutlery and people passing plates around. This is where our different finishes come in handy, because they act as a protective seal against such wear and tear. We do implore that you use cork or soft-based mats underneath your items to protect the table properly whilst also wiping up any spilt liquids – hot or cold – immediately.   

Making a big impression in the dining room is so important because you want your family and guests to relax and feel comfortable whilst eating. Our extensive selection of rustic, dining pieces are truly the best way to maximise its use and make people excited to eat at your house.    

Rustic solid oak furniture for the living room   

A well-furnished living makes the world of difference in any home. As the main room in the house where you relax and unwind at the end of a stressful day or during your free time, you want to be sat in pleasant surroundings. To achieve the perfect living room for you to finally put your feet up in; we have a vast assortment of solid oak items available in a rustic style. Rustic furniture is hugely popular in the living room because its character and warmth gives a cosy, homely feel that is ideal for a living area. Available in a range of shapes, sizes, and finishes, we have all kinds of items including television units, sideboards, coffee tables, and much more.   

Due to it being a very active room which is used by the entire family, the living room can often become cluttered and disorganised. To help keep all belongings arranged and clutter at an absolute minimum, we’ve provided plenty of storage items to solve this issue, like our sideboards and bookcases. Even the issue of messy cables has been solved with our television units which all have shelving and cupboards for each electrical appliance, whilst also including a discreet hole at the back which enables you to feed the wires through. To keep all of those magazines, newspapers, and your television remotes in an easy to reach place from the comfort of your sofa, our coffee and lamp tables features shelving and sometimes drawer space to give you both convenience and no mess.

Rustic solid oak furniture for the bedroom.   

Create a cosy retreat for you to finally rest at night time with our wonderfully rustic, solid oak furniture. The rustic style is great for the bedroom as its characteristics are warm, homely, and cosy. Unfortunately, the bedroom is often gets neglected by everyone because it is not for other peoples or a place to gather unlike the living or dining room. For that reason, you want to make sure that the furniture you buy for your bedroom lasts a long time and always looks attractive. We have a vast range available for you to choose from, including numerous styles and finishes but all classically rustic.

Included in our collection are every size bed – single (3ft), double (4ft6), king-size (5ft), and super king-size (6ft). This enables you to buy the perfect bed no matter what the size of the space you have available. Storage is completely taken care of with our assortment of storage facilities; wardrobes in single, ladies, gents, and triple sizes, as well as chests of drawers, Wellington chests, and blankets boxes in various sizes are also featured. We understand that everyone’s room size and storage needs vary, that’s why we’ve made that we have at least several version of a particular storage piece. Our storage also helps you create a calm and relaxing setting in the bedroom – the last place that you want to have clutter.   

Other bedrooms items include dressing tables, stools, table mirrors, cheval mirrors, and bedside tables for anyone with that extra space. Each item is finished in a wax, oil, or lacquer coating to ensure that it has a protective seal and to enhance the oak’s natural beauty. Handles in differing designs are also featured in each distinctive range of rustic items so you have more choice to meet your preference.     

The use of oak in rustic furniture   

There are over six hundred varieties of oak in the world today, and since The Middle Ages, solid oak has been used to manufacture household furniture. It was very expensive previously, meaning that only the rich could afford oak items, however thanks to the emergence of cheaper white oak furniture from America being produced in the 20th century, everybody could afford it. Throughout the 1950s-70s, oak took a back seat as artificial furniture made from plastic and chipboard became fashionable. Nevertheless, by the 1980s people realised that artificial items were cheap for a reason – they were cheap to make and ultimately cheap value. Within less than a year these items would look ugly and old, and very out of date. Oak on the other hand, is beautifully timeless and forever stylish. It also lasts a lot longer.   

Every item we make is constructed from solid oak alone; we never use chipboard, MDF, veneers, or any other artificial material in products. Although an item from us may be more expensive initially compared to a flat pack, chipboard version, it will last you years and years and be cheaper in the long run. If you don’t choose solid oak, your furniture will need replacing often which is a costly matter. Premium quality does cost money, but with us you aren’t paying for any brand name – just the finest materials and expert craftsmanship – which in the end is the best value for money.   

You can also sleep soundly purchasing with us because our oak is a natural source and fully sustainable. No harm to the environment is caused and you get beautiful, timeless, durable furniture – the best deal around!

Each variety of oak has distinct patterns via its grain detail as well as unique colouring; American white oak is no different. With its stunning colouring and charming characteristics, oak is perfect material for rustic furniture. Both go hand in hand because the compliment each others nature – they are both full of character, they are both traditional but contemporary due to their timeless beauty, and both have remained the benchmark for superior craftsmanship and style for centuries.   

In recent times, the emergence of shabby-chic as a popular style in interior design has increased the popularity of rustic, solid oak furniture even more. Consumers love the character and delightful charm that oozes from every grain, and quite simply can’t get enough of the trend.   

Regardless of changing trends and other competitors, rustic, solid oak furniture is exemplary and still in demand today. Browse through the category dedicated to this style and see if you find the items you need to make your home look its best.     

Sustainability of rustic, solid oak furniture  

With its supply of white oak in abundance, our use of American white oak is not only great for aesthetic purposes but also for the environment. This is a fantastic deal for you because you know that you aren’t harming the environment and getting great solid oak furniture. The mass supply of oak available also means that we can buy the material for cheap and sell it to you at unbeatable prices. So as well as being durable, beautiful, timeless, and premium quality, our products are environmentally friendly too.   

Of course, one cannot depend on the material alone, you have to carve, design, and finish the product properly for it to be useful and attractive. This is where our highly skilled craftsmen come into the equation; they apply their years of expertise and talent to create a meticulous and marvellous item for your home. There is no mass production in our manufacturing – each item is made individually with dedication, care, and attention – and it shows.   

Our collection of items isn’t a con either. We haven’t created beautiful doors and fronts to items and then cut corners on the interior. Quality and strength is paramount, therefore features like dovetail joints, tongue-and-groove cladding, solid bases and backs are each found in the items they suit to ensure that the product you buy is robust and strong enough to hold the weight of you or your belongings.   

As previously mentioned, we try to give all items a head start as far as protection is concerned. Although you will be responsible to prolong the life of your purchase by reapplying coats every few months, we have given a boost by finishing each item in either a wax, oil, or lacquer finish. These act as a nourishing and protective layer. Warning – these finishes and seals are not resilient or long-lasting – they need retouching every few months varying on which finish it is. Necessary precautions must also be taken, for example, if any liquids – hot or cold – are accidentally spilt on the piece then they must be wiped off immediately. The same applies to hot items or items without a soft base; they can potentially mark the piece. Please take care of your solid oak item to increase its durability and keep it looking its best. See our instructions for detailed information and simple steps on prolonging the life of your rustic oak furniture.   

Solid oak furniture in the UK   

Britain has been importing oak from America since the beginning of the 20th century. The oak imported was cheaper and lighter in weight, therefore making it affordable and ideal for all British citizens for the first time. Clean cut lines, exposed joints, and a coating of varnish were popular designs for oak furniture during the early part of the 1900s for they give a cooler, sharper look. American white oak was used then and is what we at Right Price Furniture use now.   

Oak was once a prominent source in Europe, however, very little oak was left behind the path of destruction caused by the Second World War. For use in the war, the majority of Europe’s forests were chopped down, leaving importing oak from the USA the only option after the ceasefire. British consumers chose oak furniture then because they knew it was good value for money.   

Flat pack furniture and artificial materials like plastic and chipboard were being used in all the modern furniture fashions during the 1950s, and right on through the 1960s and 1970s. What attracted people most to these alternatives however was their price. Cheaply made with cheap materials, these items were a bargain compared to solid oak furniture. By the 1980s, people began purchasing reliable oak again because their plastic, flat pack items lost their beauty within a matter of months and were not durable at all. Everyone knew that you got what you paid for, and with us, your paying for the best quality furniture in Britain. To counter this, furniture manufacturers began combining oak veneers with chipboard so that you got the look of a good piece but the quality of a poor one. Consumers soon caught on to this fact, and today, many people are not turning their back on the eternal beauty of solid oak items.   

The modern styles of the 1950-70s were all about curves, bright colours, and minimalism. But they soon looked dated, unlike rustic furniture. A rustic item always looks good because it isn’t based on a trend or inspired by a movement. It has classical features, a warm glow, and unmatched elegance – there really is no better furniture for your money.   

Rustic household furniture for every room has been made available here at Right Price Furniture. We understand the history of the style and have seen that no matter what emerges or re-emerges, this style is best and the most-loved. Combine that with our solid oak manufacturing and you won’t find a more durable, better quality, finer design, at our unbeatable prices, anywhere else.     

American white oak.   

The material we use to manufacture all of our products – including our rustic furniture – is white oak native to the North-Easter side of the United States. With a similar appearance to that of European oak and has been known to grow up to 450 years old. With beautiful colouring, the colour of its sapwood is usually a light grey colour; in fact to find a white oak with a white bark is considerably rare. The heartwood of it is known to be either a light or dark brown. Its texture ranges from medium to coarse while the formations of its grain are straight. A strong hardwood but relatively light in weight (thanks to its slow growth), it is the ideal choice for household furniture. It is also reasonably flexible and has crushing strength.   

Of course, like all wood, the colour, texture, and grain detail is dependant on where it is grown. White oak native to the south of the states like Texas or Florida, is considerably different to the one we use from the north. For one, it grows a lot faster which means it is heavier and more rigid. Its colour varies from a pale-yellow brown to a pale-reddish brown; some have been found with a pink hue running through. The formations of its trunk rings are wider too.   

American white oak is known for exceptionally resilient against preservative treatments and decay – particularly its heartwood. Its sapwood is resilient against preservatives too but not decay.   

Distributed around the world for all-sorts of purposes, the USA produce a colossal amount of white oak for global trade whilst remaining environmentally friendly. It is in global demand by consumers because it is the best for furniture, and especially for rustic furniture. Oak from the southern areas of America are heavier in nature and therefore usually used in construction and larger products. North American oak, however, is perfect for household items and has been commonly used since the beginning of the 20th century.   

Measuring up to 15-30m tall and 1m wide, the white oak is a beautiful tree that is a sustainable source for consumer needs.     

Our rustic furniture ranges   

More details on our ranges of rustic furniture can be found on in the categories themselves, however here is a brief overview for you.   

Our Country range of furniture is an exquisitely rustic collection of items constructed from solid oak alone. Features of the line include chamfered corners, rounded edges, and drop-bar handles that collectively give an antique, homely, and country-like feel. Ideal for traditional households but equally gorgeous in a contemporary home, the Country range is a beautiful line. All drawers are made with dovetail joints, solid backs and bases. Each item is finished in a wax coating to warm-up the colour of the oak and add a nourishing and protective layer.   

The Toulouse line features classically designed furniture in a rustic, French style. With stunning chamfered cornices, a stepped base, and classic drop-bar handles, this range is the epitome of rustic beauty. Dovetail joints have been included in all drawers to increase robustness and strength. To finish off each item in visual splendour and gorgeous warm wax has been applied to all.   

A final example of our unmatched collection of rustic furniture is the Quintoch range. Designed with classically traditional features like panelled sides and decorative, corner dowels, the line is irresistibly rustic. Dovetail joints, tongue and groove cladding, and quality craftsmanship have given all times the strength and robustness they require. A wax finish has been applied to every item for nourishment, protection, and to add a stunning, warm, glow. Drop-bar handles made with metal are also featured.   

No chipboard, MDF, or veneers were used in any of these ranges as standard.     

How to care for your rustic, solid oak furniture.  

Furniture is a big investment; you want it to last as long as possible because you have paid good money for it. Here are a few simple steps that can help get you started on caring for your rustic item. Firstly, we recommend that you place the item carefully so that it has at least one inch of space between itself and the wall. This allows circulation of air round the entire item which in turn keeps the wood at a good temperature. We strongly advise that no item constructed of wood be placed in front of a radiator or even an air conditioner due the wood being subjected to extreme temperatures. If wood is exposed to constant varying of hot and cold temperatures, it will dehydrate and shrink or expand; this can result in cracking of the wood and nasty splits. By following these first instructions, you are well on your way to preserving your rustic furniture in the best condition possible.   

A major factor in taking care of your rustic, oak furniture is to fit felt pads to the base of each foot or leg of a piece. The felt acts as a cushion for the item to protect the wood itself but also protecting your flooring from any marks or scratches that may occur when moving the item or simply from contact with the floor. It is a simple but highly effective method.   

Oak is a natural material, and regardless of whether it is used in rustic furniture or not, it is sensitive to light. When wood is in direct sunlight, or even artificial light, its natural colour will fade. This should not be seen as a fault of the material but rather a slightly noticeable attribute to its character. We do advise then any potential colour fading be controlled so as to make it uniform on the item. For example, if you cannot avoid a piece being in direct sunlight, then ensure that wherever you position the item that a full side or full section if going to be in the light. You don’t want half of the front of your sideboard to be faded – if you are going to have it in sunlight, ensure that the entire front of the sideboard will feel the sun at some point in the day. As far as artificial lights like lamps are concerned, we suggest that you manoeuvre the lamp around the desk every so often; this evenly distributes the light and is really a small task to carry out if you consider the benefits it will have for your rustic furniture.     

Prolonging the life of your rustic furniture.   

Our expert craftsmen have constructed and finished all items to ensure that they are practical and durable; combine this with oak being a strong material anyway and you have furniture that will last a long time. Nevertheless, furniture is subject to daily wear and tear as well as ageing itself. That’s why we’ve provided some fantastic tips on how you can preserve your rustic furniture to remain at its glorious best throughout its life. Please do not let this put you off buying a rustic item made from solid oak. It is still the best choice for your home furniture because you can maintain it unlike other materials.    

All purchases are delivered with a document we have specially designed that gives you all the information you need on prolonging the life of your furniture. Each method we advise is specific to a particular finish, so please read the instructions in the document carefully, or follow the same instructions below.   

Regarding items with a lacquer finish, the best method of cleaning is to wash it with a damp cloth once a week. After you have given the piece a good clean, use a lint-free, soft cloth that is to dry it. No detergents or chemicals must ever been used on a lacquer finish – use of such products will penetrate the lacquer and damage the wood.   

On the other hand, items with a wax finish need a little more care. Although polish will clean a waxed item magnificently, a polish is not sufficient enough and provides no protection. Therefore we advise that a new wax coating is applied every six months to keep your item gleaming in visual splendour.   

Initially, furniture with an oiled finish requires the most care. Within the first year of purchase it is advised that a coating or linseed or Danish oil – boiled – and should be applied every three months. If you have been applying the oil every three months you can reduce this to every six months instead after the first year. This will preserve your wood and give it extra protection against daily spills.   

If any liquids – hot or cold – are spilt on your rustic, solid oak item then we implore that you clean it up immediately. If the spill is left then it will seep in to the wood and in turn damage the item.   

We also advise all customers that before you apply any wax or oil you test a small and hidden area of the piece. This means that in the rare occurrence that the oak reacts badly or that you may have accidentally applied the wrong finish, it will not be seen and you would have prevented a potential disaster with the entire item.   

Now and then we all like to give our homes a good spring clean and this is one of those few moments where we properly clean our furniture rather than giving it a good polish. To clean your rustic furniture without causing any damage, we advise using a product similar to Murphy’s Oil Soap – it is fantastic for getting rid of dirt. Please read the instructions for this product or any other product you are about to use before applying it to the furniture, and test it on a smaller, more discreet area.   

Overtime, the runners for drawers can lose their slide. To solve this, we find that simply rubbing a wax candle along each runner will give the drawers a good slide and no stiffness.    

Each step and piece of advice we have given in this article is used across the industry to preserve oak items and increase their durability. Put briefly, we’ve given you these steps so that you save money and increase the value of your investment. Simple and easy, each step doesn’t take long to do and is a small price to pay if you consider how many years you will be getting out of it.   

Why you should purchase our rustic, solid oak furniture.   

At Right Price Furniture, we have endeavoured to give you the best quality and best value rustic, solid oak furniture for your money. Using only the finest material of American white oak, and with the added expertise of our specialist craftsmen, you will not find more beautiful, premium rustic items for your household anywhere us. We don’t cut corners in manufacturing to ensure we are providing excellence in the field – no chipboard, MDF, or veneers are used in our products.   

A vast range of different collections containing rustic furniture like the Quintoch, Cotswold, and Toulouse lines have been included in our assortment to make sure that we have given you superior choice. Whatever you taste, preference, style, or size and room requirements – we have the rustic range for you.   

Rustic furniture made from solid oak has been popular for over a century and no matter what new fashions appear throughout the decades, it has remained the benchmark of quality and timeless beauty. Unrivalled value, prices, choice, and quality, there is no reason to look anywhere else. Shop for your rustic, solid oak furniture today!   

For more information please telephone or email us.
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