Oak Furniture

At Right Price Furniture we have a large assortment of premium quality, solid oak furniture for your household. Various styles have been used to ensure that we have oak furniture that suits everyone’s tastes, including the classically French and rustic feel of the Toulouse range, to the sleek and modern loo of the Glencoe line. To suit your tastes even more we have coated all oak items in a particular finish: wax, oil, or lacquer. Oil and wax finishes warm-up the colour of the oak whilst lacquer finishes preserve the natural colour and enhance grain detail. All finishes increase the durability of the wood by acting as a nourishing and protective seal.
Brooklyn Solid Oak Bedroom Furniture - Range
Arianne Oak Bedroom Furniture
For contemporary beauty in the bedroom, the Arianne line is a stunning choice. Featuring bevelled edges, mitred corner joints, solid oak, and brushed metal handles, the collection oozes elegant simplicity.
Arianne Oak Dining and Living Room Furniture
Effortlessly stylish, the Arianne line will transform your living or dining room into an area of modern bliss. Sleek and cool, the range features beautiful mitred joints, bevelled edges, and brushed metal handles.
Atlantis Solid Oak Bedroom Furniture
Sharp lines and contemporary chic make the Atlantis collection a must-have for the modern bedroom. Designed with clean cut grooves, panelled sides, and curved, brushed metal handles, the range is irresistibly stylish.
Atlantis Solid Oak Dining and Living Room Furniture
Stunningly crafted, the Atlantis dining and living room range is the epitome of modern beauty. With curved brushed metal handles, panelled sides, and clean cut grooves, it's unbeatably cool and sharp.
Brooklyn Solid Oak Bedroom Furniture
Bursting with contemporary charm, the Brooklyn range will look at home in any bedroom. Smooth lines and a rich, oiled finish give the collection a warm ambience that is perfect to relax in at the end of a long day.
Brooklyn Solid Oak Living and Dining Room Furniture
The Brooklyn line of living and dining room furniture is a wonderful example of contemporary style at its finest. Made from solid oak and finished in a rich oil, it'll add a warm, cosy glow to your home.
Cotswold Solid Oak Bedroom Range
From the curved valances to the cast metal drawer handles, everything about the Cotswold bedroom collection is delightfully contemporary. Sleep soundly in a room furnished with this wonderful, solid oak range.
Cotswold Solid Oak Dining and Living Room Range
Effortlessly elegant, the Cotswold collection gives you the dining room you've always wanted. Simple yet sophisticated features like cast metal drawer handles and curved valances give the range added charm.
Cottage Solid Oak Living Range
A stunning blend of traditional beauty and contemporary style, the Cottage collection is a fabulous way to make the most out of your living room. Its warm oil finish enhances the solid oak with a cosy, homely glow.
Country Solid Oak Bedroom Furniture
If you're looking to achieve traditional charm and excellence in your bedroom, then the Country range is the perfect choice for you. With ravishingly rustic features and a warm wax finish, the line is a classic.
Country Solid Oak Furniture Dining Room Range
Traditional and bursting with rustic appeal, the Country line enables you to furnish your dining room in visual splendour. With beauty and practicality in abundance, it'll make mealtimes even more enjoyable.
Cube Solid Oak Living Room Range
With its unique cubic design and clean cut lines, the Cube collection will add sharp style to your living room. Make an eye-grabbing statement in your home with this irresistibly cool, modern range.
Dining Sets
Here you will find our extensive range of dining sets in a vast assortment of styles, shapes, and sizes. Whether you’re having dinner for two or entertaining an entire party – we’ll have something to suit you.
London Solid Oak Living and Dining Room Range
Highly contemporary features dominate the London collection. With cubic shapes and clean cut lines, the range will transform your living room into modern space for you, your family, and friends to enjoy.
Manhattan Solid Oak Bedroom Range
With its highly unique design, the Manhattan collection is outstanding for its modern style. Giving a fresh and minimalist feel to your bedroom, it will help you finally unwind and rest at the end of the day.
Manhattan Solid Oak Dining Range
Make a statement in your dining room with the fabulously stylish Manhattan collection. Featuring unique, clean cut, wooden handles, the range is sharp, cool, and an example of modern craftsmanship at the highest level.
Milano Solid Oak Bedroom Range
Chunky, cubic handles, panelled sides, and clean cut lines make the Milano collection the ideal choice for anyone wanting to achieve a wonderfully modern or contemporary look in their bedroom.
Opus Solid Oak Bedroom Furniture
The beauty of modern simplicity and practicality come together in the Opus collection. Sleek, stylish, and cool, you will have sweet dreams every night with this charming contemporary range.
Opus Solid Oak Dining And Living Room Furniture
For a sleek, modern, and cool look in your dining room, then our Opus line is the perfect choice. With tenon finger joints, brushed chrome handles, and an oil finish, the collection will revamp your mealtimes in style.
Oslo Solid Oak Furniture Bedroom Collection
The Oslo bedroom collection is bursting with contemporary charm. With brushed, metal, bar handles, and over-hanging tops, the modern design of the range will create a stylish yet relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom.
Oslo Solid Oak Dining and Living Furniture Collection
Cool and contemporary, the Oslo collection will enable you to furnish your dining room in a stylish and sophisticated manner. Cream, Italian leather, roll-back seats are featured for added class and luxurious comfort.
Quintoch Rustic Oak Dining Room Range
Warm-up your living room with the rustic beauty of our Quintoch collection. Featuring everything you will ever need to furnish your living area gloriously, each piece has a cosy and homely quality to it.
Quintoch Rustic Solid Oak Bedroom Range
Glowing with its warm, wax finish and bursting with rustic character, the Quintoch collection will turn your bedroom into a slumber paradise. A charming range full of traditional beauty and homely ambience.
Toulouse Solid Oak Bedroom Furniture
Fancy the rustic, French farmhouse feel in your bedroom? Then our Toulouse collection fits the bill perfectly. With traditional features and a warm glow, it creates the perfect setting for dreamful slumbers.
Toulouse Solid Oak Dining and Living
What better way to furnish your living room with the homely, cosy feel of traditional, French-style furniture from the Toulouse collection. With a warm glow and classic features, it'll look at home instantly.
Saki Rustic Solid Oak Bedroom Range
The Saki range is constructed from entirely solid oak, with a light wax furniture polish. With beautiful curves and hand chamfered edges the entire range is designed by experienced craftsmen, with dovetail joints and sol..
Saki Rustic Solid Oak Dining and Living Room Range
The Saki range is constructed from entirely solid oak, with a light wax furniture polish. With beautiful curves and hand chamfered edges the entire range is designed by experienced craftsmen, with dovetail joints and sol..
Harrington Solid Oak Bedroom Range
The Harrington Bedroom Range combines classic curves and ornate French design with the natural elegance of solid oak, the Harrington range offers a modern twist on a traditional style. Our exceptional craftsmen have used..
Harrington Solid Oak Dining and Living Room Range
The Harrington Dining and Living Room Range offers a great modern twist on a traditional style of furniture. The range combines classic curves and ornate French design with the natural elegance of solid oak. The experien..
Canterbury Painted Oak Bedroom Range
For classic farm house beauty in the bedroom, the Canterbury line is a stunning choice. Featuring flared cornices, arched bases, solid oak, and contrast wooden handles, the collection oozes elegant simplicity.
Cantetrbury Painted Dining and Living Room Range
For classic farm house beauty in the dining and living room, the Canterbury line is a stunning choice. Featuring flared cornices, arched bases, solid oak, and contrast wooden handles, the collection oozes elegant simplic..
Raddon Solid Oak Bedroom Range
Rustic charm and rough sawn marks make the Raddon collection a must-have for the rural or rustic bedroom. Designed with chunky square feet, panelled sides, and tidy, metal pull handles, the range is irresistibly stylish...
Raddon Solid Oak Living and Dining Room Range
Rustic charm and rough sawn marks make the Raddon collection a must-have for the rural or rustic dining and living room. Designed with chunky square feet, panelled sides, and tidy, metal pull handles, the range is irresi..
Lille Painted Solid Oak Bedroom Range
Bursting with Rustic charm, the Lille range will look at home in any bedroom. Clean cut lines and a natural, painted two tone finish give the collection a warm ambience that is perfect to relax in at the end of a long da..
Lille Painted Solid Oak Dining and Living Room Range
The Lille line of living and dining room furniture is a wonderful example of rustic style at its finest. Made from solid oak and finished with a two tone painted natural look, it'll add a warm, cosy glow to your home.
The Ascot Brushed Solid Oak range features a silvery grey patina to the rustic finish. Created by brushing along the grain just before it’s waxed, this distinctive look coupled with stylish handles bridges the traditiona..
Featuring hand chamfered edges, softly rounded corners and skilfully sculpted handles each piece from the Hanoi Rustic Solid Oak range showcases an exclusive design which works in harmony with the natural beauty of the o..
Lowri (Brushed Oak & Painted)
TThe Lowri Brushed Oak and Cream Painted range combines the elegance of brushed solid oak tops with a subtle cream finish to create a luxurious ambience in your home.
Cardiff has the hallmarks of classic styling – detailed moulding on the cabinet edges and drawer fronts, and on cornices above the sturdy bracket feet, and at the tops of the furniture.
Our gorgeous Latice range evokes the feel of a well-loved, homely interior, there to give a warm backdrop to everyday life. Latice has a tactile, weathered look and feel. It features our unique ‘french-washed’ finish, wh..
Designed and built by our highly-skilled craftsmen, all solid oak items have been made with their finest expertise and best material. To cater all needs around the house, we have ensured that we have items across the furniture spectrum, including beds, wardrobes, dressers, dining chairs, coffee tables, and bookcases. Understanding how every room differs in size and shape, the majority of items available are provided with large, small, and sometimes medium and corner versions. This enables you to practically tailor our furniture to the dimensions of your home.     

Solid oak furniture for the dining room.   

The dining room has a hugely important function for most of us; as the gathering place for meals, the dining room is the one room in the house where the family or your friends can catch-up whilst enjoying a delicious meal. Regardless of whether you only eat with the family or you like to entertain guests with dinner parties, we all want a pleasant environment for our meals. We have a fantastic range of dining furniture available for all households and number of guests. You have a choice of large, medium, or small tables, as well as extendable or fixed tables, and also round, square, or D-end tables.   

Our wonderful selection of comfortable dining chairs includes one upholstered in leather and fabric. Each chair is made to seat a person comfortably during their meal, and all are irresistibly stylish. Also included in the dining furniture range are storage facilities you may require, like a traditional Welsh dresser or a wine rack. Due to the daily wear-and-tear that comes with mealtimes, dining furniture can undergo a lot from the clanging of cutlery and hot bowls. However the finishes we use help to protect the wood – we do not advice that you spill liquids or place anything hot directly on the table; please use a mat or something similar.   

Style is of great importance in a dining room because it reflects your tastes and personality. If you like to cook good, hearty meals then a rustic and traditional dining set would be ideal, or even one of our French ranges. For those who consider themselves a budding-chef then a more modern dining set may suit you because you like to try new dishes and have fresh ideas for recipes. Of course, we are not all food fanatics, and we have simple yet effortlessly elegant dining sets of the traditional and contemporary style to suit you.   

Solid oak is ideal for dining furniture because of its impressive durability, stunning grain detail, and timeless beauty. Crafted by experts in the field using solid oak alone, the items we offer are strong, sturdy, and stylish. Whichever piece you were hoping to purchase, whether it be a large dresser, or a small wine rack, we have cut no corners and built every piece from solid oak. As standard, we never use chipboard, MDF, or veneers in any of our products. We endeavour to give our customers the greatest value for their money and not con them into buying cheaper furniture that will need replacing in a matter of months. Exceptional durability, unmatched quality, and affordable prices is what we strive to give. Browse through our various lines of dining furniture and you may just come across the perfect set for you.     

Solid oak furniture for the living room.   

Oak furniture looks great in every room, however, it really is ideal for the living room. At the end of work or during our spare time we all want to sit down and relax in a warm and inviting living room. With its warm colour and subtle grain detail, oak is perfect for the living area because it gives it the cosy and homely feel that we all want to melt into when work is over. The durability of the material also means that it will last for generations and be resilient against daily wear-and-tear that comes with an room of activity like the living area. To make your purchase last longer, please see our section on taking care of oak furniture for further information.   

We have everything you need transform your living room into a neat, organised, and relaxing area. Say good-bye to messy cables with one of our brilliant television units which all have a various shelving and cupboard space for your games console, DVD player, and other belongings. Keep your television guide, magazines, and remote controls in an easy to reach distance with one of our charming coffee tables; a quality coffee table can really finish the look of the room flawlessly and act as a gorgeous focal point. Other items we feature include various nests of tables, sideboards, bookcases, and lamps tables. Whatever your living room is lacking, we have it here in glorious, solid oak.     

Solid oak furniture for the bedroom.   

Create a serene setting for your slumbers with an item or set from our range of beautiful bedroom furniture. Built from solid oak, these items have the stunning grain detail and gorgeous colouring of the wood as well as its impressive strength and durability. A vast array of styles are available to choose from, so if you’re looking to have a bedroom that is bursting with classic and regal magnificence, then one of our traditional ranges will do the trick. However if you want a very simple and fresh bedroom that is oozing with modern style, one of our contemporary ranges will be more suitable. The benefit of having ranges of bedroom furniture within the category of bedroom furniture is that it enables you to co-ordinate your room flawlessly. Every item can match each other and create an soothing harmony in your room.   

Included in our collection are all kinds of items that are needed to complete the look of your bedroom. We have beds in the single (3ft), double (4ft6), king-size (5ft), and super king-size (6ft) available as well as headboards in the same size. For your storage needs we have a wide variety of chests of drawers, Wellington chests, wardrobes, and blanket boxes so you will always have a neat and tidy bedroom – not to mention fantastic storage for your clothing. We understand that everyone’s storage needs are different and have therefore provided various sizes to make sure you find the perfect fit. For those who have a little extra space in their bedroom, we have dressing tables, cheval mirrors, and bedsides tables available for that extra indulgence.   

To accommodate those he want a little more say on their items, we have a number of handles in different styles and made from different materials available, including drop-bar, wooden, metal, chrome-effect, and tapered to name a few. Each handle has been specifically picked to match the style and feel of the piece and range it belongs to.     

Solid oak furniture   

In an age where flat pack furniture and cheap materials are popular because of their lower price, people tend to think that solid oak furniture is overpriced. However it is isn’t – especially with us. All items that we construct are made from solid oak alone by the finest craftsmen. You are not paying for our brand name or anything else other than its premium quality, durability, and beauty.   

Flat pack furniture or items made from chipboard are cheaper in price because they are cheaply made; cheaply made furniture made by cutting corners is not durable. Within a matter of months your purchase will look old, worn, and tacky, and in the end you would have spent the same amount you would have paid for one of pieces anyway. Save yourself the hassle, time, and money of replacing poor quality furniture and invest in one of our solid oak pieces. You get your money’s worth out of it instantly and it will always look timelessly beautiful. You will not find one trace of chipboard, MDF, or veneers in our products.    

Oak has been popularly used in furniture since The Middle Ages, however, it is only in the last hundred years that it has increased in popularity across the entire social spectrum. Previously, oak was extremely expensive and was only affordable for the rich. Once the North American companies began to produce cheaper furniture made from American White Oak at a lower cost, everybody could now afford it. Although oak has had fierce competitors in materials and fashions, it has never lost its popularity because it is the best material for household furniture. By spending money on an oak piece you are in fact saving money in the long run, and also making your home look classically stylish.   

In total, there are believed to be at least 600 varieties of oak in the world today. Native to the northern hemisphere, oak trees are found in forests and the countryside and have been practically depended on by humans in the past because of its sheer strength and long-lasting nature. Some oak trees have been found that were over one thousand years old. Each different variety has specific grain markings attributed to it; this is what makes oak furniture particularly beautiful – not every two pieces are the same – especially when you consider that oak constantly reacts to the atmosphere around it. This can result in slight colour alteration.         

The sustainability of our forests and wood resource has been prominent in the past decade and thankfully all of that work has meant that more has been done to replant trees and keep our forests full. This means that wood – especially oak – is a brilliant choice for furniture environment-wise but also that we can offer our solid oak items at lower prices. We want our customers to feel that they are not harming the environment by purchasing our affordable oak furniture. Oak is a sustainable resource and every year, more is being done to plant more trees and save our forests.   

Every item we produced is individually crafted for excellence and high quality. We truly believe that once you buy a piece of solid oak furniture, you will want to come back to purchase another item because it looks so good in the home. One aspect of our range is that we have included items that are multi-functional, for example, a sideboard. Traditionally people use their sideboard in the living room, however you can use it in the living room, or perhaps one day you will need storage in the bedroom and your sideboard will look equally good in there. Where your furniture goes is up to you, the simple elegance and delightful charm of an oak piece is that it looks good everywhere – even in the hallway or on the landing.   

Keep in mind when browsing through our ranges the dedication, meticulous care, and unmatched precision that our items have been designed and built with. We pride ourselves on our team of highly-skilled craftsmen who provide us with furniture of exemplary quality. Remember, we never use chipboard, MDF, or veneers with our products.   

To ensure maximum durability and long-lasting beauty, each item is individually coated with a wax, oil, or lacquer finish. This not only acts as a protective and nourishing layer, but enhances the oaks natural beauty in different ways according to the finish. Make the right choice and invest in a solid oak piece from one of our ranges. It will add charm and warmth to your room, as well as serve its purpose gloriously.     

Why solid oak furniture?   

For centuries humans have been using oak to construct their furniture and even now in the 21st century, we haven’t found a more durable or attractive material. Its sheer strength is outstanding and was the material used in shipbuilding – let’s remember now that these ships would sail across the globe in vicious storms for months on end – this would not have been possible for centuries if it wasn’t for the sturdy and robust nature of oak. Oak was also the go-to material for building houses and even the grandest buildings. But, of course, oak was just as perfect for colossal structure, as it was for household furniture.   

Other interesting uses for oak have included many things, for example, acorns were used to feed pigs as they are very nutritional, bark was used for tanning leather, branches and twigs have been an additional use for firewood as well as the trunk. Even the making of charcoal and cork involved oak.   The oak tree is a beloved plant and is commonly seen around the globe as a symbol of endurance and strength. It is also the national tree for a number of nations. Even in mythic times, oak had significance. In Greek mythology, oak was believed to be the sacred tree belonging to Zeus, and was similarly believed to be the sacred tree of the Norse god, Thor. It is truly a credit to oak that humans have recognised its beauty and significance since mythic times, and that it remains today, one of the most sought-after materials in the world.     

Solid oak furniture in the UK   

At the beginning of the 20th century, Britain started importing oak furniture from the United States of America as it was now more affordable. The style of the oak items back then was distinct with its clean cut lines, exposed joints, and varnished finish which gave it a sleeker and sharper look. The type of oak used was American White Oak which remains a popular variety in furniture today.   

After the destruction and desolation of the First World War, Europe was carrying the wounds of battle in its people, society, and even its trees. Forests had either been destroyed or cut down for use in the war, leaving Europe with very little oak and resulting them to import more from America. Regardless of this shortage, the British public continued to buy oak furniture.   

By the 1950s, new fashions and a surge in consumerism meant that people wanted cheaper household items made from plastic and flat pack furniture. This continued through the 1960s-70s with plastic items looking cooler and more modern. Gradually, people began to realise that plastic furniture didn’t look good for long and went out of style with the changing trends, and by the 1980s oak furniture grew in popularity again. In a post-war world where plastics were popular and styles were changing, people looked down on the traditional ways of life and even materials, but oak made a comeback thanks to its reliability, durability, and eternal beauty. Understanding this, many furniture companies began manufacturing furniture made from softwoods like pine, or artificial materials like chipboard and MDF mixed with oak. This was a cheaper way to give the public oak furniture at low prices, however, people were quick to realise that there was nothing better than solid oak for household furniture.   

Designed and built with the expertise of our skilled craftsmen, our solid oak furniture is the best value for money. Containing no chipboard, MDF, or veneers, you are getting the premium quality that your hard-earned money paid for. In a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes, we have catered for a number of styles, including rustic, classic, contemporary, and minimalist. The best attribute of our products is that they can easily be kept in great condition. Although long-lasting, you can increase the durability of your items by giving it a wax coating every few months and taking good care of it. That way, your furniture will last even longer and look great for generations to come.     

How to care for your solid oak furniture   

When you have invested in a piece of furniture, you want to last as long as possible. Luckily, oak is highly durable but there are things you can do to increase its durability. Here are some tips on keeping your item in pristine condition. When considering where to place your furniture, we advise that you position it against the wall but with at least a one inch gap between the wall and the item. The benefits of this are that the air is able to circulate around the item therefore keeping the wood at the best possible temperature. It is unadvisable that you position your items in front of an air conditioner or radiator because the wood will dehydrate due to the continuous variation in temperature. Changes in temperature cause the wood to shrink and expand and can result in splitting. Like many natural materials, oak is prone to expanding and shrinking, but the level of heat or cool air generated by a radiator or air conditioning is extreme and unhealthy for it.

To protect your floor and the feet of your item, we advise that you attach felt pads beneath each foot or leg of the item. This is a brilliant way to prevent scratching or marking your flooring or the piece itself and is commonly used across households today.   It is also known that oak – like all woods – fades in colour when subject to sunlight or artificial light. The majority of us will have a lamp on our oak desk, lamp table, or that somehow our oak furniture will be in contact with direct light. Therefore to counter this issue, we advise that you reorganize where you place a lamp to evenly spread the natural fading of colour so that it isn’t noticeable due to a uniform appearance. This is not a fault of oak or wood as a material but a natural process that is barely noticeable.     

To help prolong the life of your solid oak furniture   

Our expert craftsmen have built all items to last a long time and potentially for generations to come. Of course, you can help prolong the life of your product by maintaining and caring for it every so often. Do not let this put you off – in the first year of owning an oak item you will have to take these steps every three months to begin with, however, after the first it will only be required every six months or so. This is a relatively small price to pay for a quality item that will last you for years, especially compared to how much you would have to pay to replace a plastic or chipboard item.   

By following these simple steps which are also provided in a special document that you will receive with your purchase, you are well on your way to doubling the value and durability of this wise investment. Different methods and precautions must be taken for each specific finish.   

Firstly, for items finished in a lacquer coating we advise that once a week you give it a good clean with a damp cloth. Do not use any detergents as this will damage the item. Once you have cleaned the piece with your damp cloth, use a soft, lint-free cloth to dry it.   

For furniture coated in a wax finish, the best way to preserve it is by applying a wax coat to the piece every six months. Polishing the item will clean it but polish is not sufficient enough to preserve the piece, therefore we advise that you apply a wax finish every six months.   

Items with an oiled finish require similar care. To help preserve it, apply a boiled layer of linseed or Danish oil to your item every three months. Wood is not waterproof in the slightest but by applying an oil you are giving it that extra resilience to any spills that occur in daily life. We do insist that any spilt liquids – whether hot or cold – are mopped up immediately to prevent being absorbed into the wood itself. After applying oil every three months, you can reduce the application to every six months once a whole year has been completed.   

We implore that all buyers of oak furniture test a small and discreet area of their piece with the wax or oil before applying it to the entire piece. This is a mini-test that will ensure that you don’t end up ruining your piece and can check compatibility of the product you have bought with the wood.   

Wood is a natural product and is therefore as prone to ageing as any one of us. Owners of oak furniture have seen this is an attribute rather than a flaw because the maturity of the wood adds to its charming character.   

To give you furniture a deep clean then we recommend using something like Murphy’s Oil Soap as it is good for removing dirt without damaging the wood. We implore that you read the instructions for this product with care before using it and that you always refinish the item after use. The runners of drawers can lose their slide and smoothness over time; this is easily remedied by rubbing a wax candle along the runners themselves. Simple!   Finally, never place drinks or plates onto wood directly. This can lead to marks, scrapes, and stains due to the temperature of what you are eating or drinking. Always use placement mats and coasters that have a soft base like felt or cork.   

These are simple, easy steps that are worth taking the time to do every now and then to keep your solid oak piece of furniture looking its best and lasting for generations.     

American White Oak.   

The variety of oak that we use in manufacturing is American White Oak. Native to the North-Eastern side of the United States, this species of tree can grow to over 450 years old. Similar in appearance to European oak, its sapwood is lovely light, greyish colour (very rarely are white barks found) whilst its heartwood ranges from light to dark brown. Its grain formation is straight and has a texture that can be either coarse or medium; this makes it ideal for home furniture as it has a distinct, natural beauty. A hefty hardwood, it has reasonable bending flexibility and crushing strength due its lack of rigidity.   

White oak from the south of the USA – namely Florida and Texas – has a slight difference to its northern relative; it has wider growth rings due to its rapid growth and is much denser, heavier, and therefore – harder. White oak from the North is more popular because it grows faster which means it is heavier in weight and ultimately ideal for furniture manufacturing.   

According to its native regions across America, white oak can highly vary in colour, from a pale reddish-brown, to a pale-yellow brown. Now and then some white oak has a pinkish hint of colour running through it.   

Another reason that we use American White Oak is because of its resilience. Its heartwood is exceptionally resistant to all-kinds of preservatives, decay, whilst the sapwood is mildly resilient to preservatives too.   

The USA produces plentiful white oak for trade across the globe due to demand for its exemplary quality, practicality, and its unmatched appropriateness for household furniture. Regardless of it being perfect for manufacturing furniture, it is also used in architecture, railway sleeps, flooring, and an array of others things. Oak from the south of the States is usually used in construction due to its heavier nature.   

A white oak tree’s physical size varies according to its habitat; however they can be anything from 15-30m high, and a trunk up to 1m in diameter.     

Why you should be our solid oak furniture   

Every item that we sell has been built to last you years and years. Crafted from the finest American white oak, the pieces are not only durable and of premium quality but from a highly sustainable, natural source. Our craftsmen do not use any chipboard, MDF, veneers, or any other artificial material in their work to maintain the highest standards.   

To cater for every customer who wants solid oak furniture, we have provided an extensive range of varying styles and sizes so that you get the quality that you want, but also the choice of what suits your taste and home best. If you want a traditional dining set for your rustic dining room or a low foot end, modern bed for your minimalist bedroom, then we’ve got it covered.

Oak has been recognised as a strong material since mythic times and in furniture since The Middle Ages. Humans knew of its benefits centuries ago, and even today with artificial materials that give you a cheaper alternative, people are still buying oak because it is timelessly beautiful and last longer.  

Save yourself money in the long-run and invest in one of our great value, solid oak pieces. We know that you won’t be disappointed with what we have to offer. Our prices are unbeatable, our furniture is unmatched in quality – we simply have the best deal for you at Right Price Furniture. Browse our solid oak ranges today!
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