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Mango Furniture or mango wood furniture has over the past few years become an increasingly popular choice for customers. The mango wood has a different grain pattern with a rich colour, this can be presented with a furniture wax or a dark stain can be used to generate a wonderful warm finish. All of the products below are made from solid mango and, as with all our furniture the ranges feature dovetail joints and solid wood drawer runners, backs and drawer bases.
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Jaipur Bedroom Furniture
Give your bedroom a cultural twist with this stunning collection of rustic, Indian furniture from the Jaipur range. Made from solid mango and with a semi-distressed finish, the line has a fresh unique beauty.
Jaipur Dining Room Furniture
Inspired by traditional Indian design, the Jaipur collection will add rustic warmth with a cultural twist to your dining room. An exciting and fresh style, it'll transform your home dining experience.
Taj Solid Mango Bedroom Furniture
Indian furniture made from solid mango wood is highly popular today and our Taj collection embodies this trend. Beautifully rustic and full of character, the range will add an exotic twist to your bedroom.
Taj Solid Mango Dining Room Furniture
If you want your dining room to match the exciting cuisine that you cook at home, then the Taj collection of Indian, solid mango furniture is a perfect choice. Beautifully crafted, it'll warm-up mealtimes nicely.
Dining Sets
Here you will find our extensive range of dining sets in a vast assortment of styles, shapes, and sizes. Whether you’re having dinner for two or entertaining an entire party – we’ll have something to suit you.
The Georgian Range showcases a timeless, classic design inspired by nineteenth century French furniture. Each piece is handcrafted from premium grade solid mango wood and treated with a specially formulated wax polish to..
Before we talk about the good factors about mango furniture, one big issue with the mango wood is that the actual mango wood is vulnerable to disease and fungi is especially bad for the life of the tree. Plus points include the fact that this wood is sustainable. Basically the mango tree is planted mainly for its fruit which farm owners pick and trade or use for the local cooking. It's only timbered when it stops providing fruit. Mango wood is possibly the most crucial furniture material of the future due to its sustainability.

The better mango wood furniture manufacturers make sure they check every tree before they work them into furniture of any description. In the western world  there is a remarkable want for high quality real wood furniture, and while there are other varieties of trees that provide for the furniture market, such as teak wood and oak, mango wood is the fastest growing wood the industry uses, and it's still simple enough to work with to allow fast and excellent processing. Mango wood furniture is easy to buy especially in the UK and its cheap enough for just about anyone to buy. Mango wood will certainly get even more well-known in the long run when other resources of wood, such as oak - will be too costly for the average person to buy.

The wood from a mango tree is a very hard, dense wood which is used in a wide range of different consumer products and is often used to make furniture.   

The mango wood is considered as being sustainable as Mango trees are replanted as they are cut down, most species are fast growing.

Once a mango tree stops growing fruit, it is cut down and turned into timber which then becomes the beginning material to create mango wood furniture. New planted trees are then placed in the site of the older trees which are harvested, starting the cycle over again and creating the mango groves in the world among the most environmentally friendly sustainable forestry processes to be found. The fast growth of mango trees and the sustainable forestry activities used in the production of wood make the price of mango wood furniture affordable. As mango wood is always available, the cost of using it to create furniture is not significant. Because manufacturers spend less in creating the furniture, they are then able to charge affordable prices for completed pieces and still make a profit, compared to oak.

Mango Wood is a very wonderful wood and having been used as a sustainable source for furniture throughout South-East Asia for decades, it is becoming very stylish in the West, especially due to it's far greater sustainability over other popular hard woods such as Oak or Teak wood. Normally mango trees are fresh fruit bearing trees, and for that reason they generally grow much quicker than Oak trees.   

Please feel free to look through our catergories on the left section, if you would like to narrow your results to be more specific then look through to wardrobes and select mango wardrobes the web page will just show mango wardrobes.   

We hope our page has assisted in your search for mango furniture, may we tell you that we have huge stocks of these items and distribution is absolutely free for all purchases.
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