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Round dining sets are popular because if you have an extra guest you can easily fit them around the table comfortably. In addition, the circular shape of a round table gives the illusion of more space for each individual seated. We have an impressive range of contemporary and tradition dining sets available with both fixed and extendable structures. A wide variety of chairs are also included for example scrolled-back leather chairs and fabric ones. Our craftsmen have the finest oak to construct these dining sets and have used solid oak alone in the process – no chipboard, MDF, or veneers are sued in our products. Dining sets are the focal point of any dining room; to make each set shine and brighten up the space we have applied a wax, oil, or lacquer coating. By finishing each item we have also provided it with a nourishing and protective seal. Round tables are really handy if you have less space in your dining room or kitchen too.
Solid Oak Round Dining Table with Crossed Legs + 4 Solid Oak Lattice Back Dining Chair.1
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